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A Frankie Tale

The Misadventures of Art Baseling!!! Part 2 "No Longer A Virgin, Wash Poppin"

It’s Friday, Day 2 of Art Basel! As if traffic doesn’t set you back and mess up your mood enough, life was not done with showing me who was boss. We pull up to the Perez Art Museum right in the heart of Biscayne, to the longest line of life for parking, (though it was certainly moving) to only be greeted by $50.00 parking. Great, not only am I off schedule and because I am such a perfectionist (or at least I strive to be) I started to kick myself in the ass for being late, but now I gotta face ridiculous parking fees too!? Can someone say price gauging?

Perez professional picture photo credit: Photo by Angel Valentin

A good friend of mine accompanied me and tried his best to make me see the light at the end of the tunnel because we had finally arrived. But little old stubborn me, wasn’t too enthusiastic about my own tardiness. We paid the $50.00 parking, but trust me, thank God for friends with $chmoney, because that would have never been me. I’m too frugal to drop two $20’s and a $10 on a parking spot. Uhh…yeah…absolutely not! And yes…I’m a weirdo. I have internal arguments with myself all the time. It’s how I rationalize.

Okay! Finally! We are here! TA-DA! Perez Museum baby, dazzle me! The first thing you’re greeted with upon going up the entryway steps, is a rubber stringy maze one must walk through the experience in order to walk into the event. As you walk through the patio, the intimate dim lighting coupled with the musical sounds of a live band, screamed “Miami Nightlife.” It felt like I was in an HGTV commercial or Ashley Stuart Magazine, simply standing outside. The museum has a beautiful wrap- around almost balcony-like patio, right on the Bay of Biscayne. Overlooking the water, with a large sandlot that leads to the open Bay; creating a total tropical oasis and beach feel.

Perez professional picture photo credit: Photo by Angel Valentin

Of course you can’t go look at art without having something to quench your thirst. La Croix was the official title Sponsor for the Art Basel installments at the Perez Museum and provided complimentary sparkling drinks, to all those in attendance. There were outdoor swing benches hanging from the ceiling for patrons to sit (I honestly think it WAS a work of art, meant to be sat on), a nifty open gift shop at the lobby entry, and 2-levels of amazing art. From soundwaves & frequencies, to motion picture, to modern-contemporary artwork and sculptures, The Perez museum had it all. Everywhere I turned my head, there was a blurb to read and new art to discover.

And this was only day uno!


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