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A Frankie Tale

The Californian PART III: 420 From Cali, It's LEGAL HERE!

So Happy 420 from Cali!! Woke up this morning telling myself, YOU WILL make today all about Maryjane love, appreciation, & knowledge. “I mean, girl….you betta!” Where else can a wake and bake be totally dope (haha…see what I did there?) besides far ass Amsterdam?

Smoke weed! Two words that can quickly put you in a box of 100s of bad stereotypes and an alleged path of self-destruction. But who cares? I’m waking up in a state where it’s completely legal to do so! Haha! How can anyone not love waking up to an out of body experience like that?

It’s only 7:25am and I’m already on a cloud, on my way to a dispensary to experience and understand what it’s like to take part of the first ever recreationally legalized 420 in Californian history. In case you did not know, recreational marijuana in California was legalized and became effective as of January 1, 2018. If you really didn't know, please pull up CNN's epic coverage on New Year's Eve. It was so litt to see a prim, & proper Randi Kaye- who is a notable & more mature reporter, delivering that type of news. Let alone wearing a gas mask and lighting up a bong LIVE on CNN. Has America really accepted weed the same as tobacco & furthermore truly accepting it as a part of our culture? The answer is: YEP—in California at least!

Now you’re probably reading this thinking: “Why is this such a big deal? It’s just weed.” But that’s where you’re wrong my narrow-minded friend. This is a bit more monumental than one may think; it's actually quite historical! Coming from a State that is so wishy washy on the Maryjane stance (Gunshine Florida), I totally woke up like....OMG! I’m in Cali, on a business trip with a new client in the music industry, doing what I love in the world of PR- living out my Redvolution!! The BONUS? I can smoke here and not get funny looks! All in the name of good journalism and wanderlust travel.

Randi Kaye on the Pot Bus on NYE 2018

You have no idea how hype I was for Cali to finally come. This is my first time on the West Coast. It’s still baffling to know what happened to me just trying to get here. And by here- I am literally talking about butt in chair as I type this blog…in California! Haha. (Wanna know more about my series of misfortune events on my way to Cali?? READ Blog Post 1.)

But the fact is I’m here now and I’m really living [My Best] life. (Ayyy…#BardiGang!) I’m stylin’, riding in a black-on-black; tinted Suburban truck, legally medicating, & bumping those Cali West-side vibe; old school jamz. Seriously the FM Radio experience here is completely different! LA is really like....omg....LA!! This may or may not sound childish (But who cares….I’m a Kidd at Heart and have a tattoo to prove it!) but simply being here, is some movie type of ish. Right now, I’m just trying to take it all in. It def feels like it’s 9-10am-ish too. I have wayyyy too much energy! Pero....duh, I’m still on Florida time. Jet lag? Not in this Frankie Tale! Conscious says: “Go to sleep bihh…”. Body says: “nah, I got to get hype for Day 2, FRIYAY!” Somehow I am still awake, not tired, and running around like the energizer bunny. Which if I may add, is pretty impressive seeing as though most pot enthusiasts get lazy and bummed out after a few hits.

My goal while I am here is to visit as many dispensaries as I can, and inquire about their process, economic growth, legislation (these folks know their stuff) business goals, and of course to brag about being from the funnest state of them all! Lol. (SN: I got a few favorite States, but Florida the LITTy-est of them all!) From now to Cannabis cup, I have alot of ground to cover. There are like soooooooo many dispensaries here. They're like gas staions in Florida and Bodegas in New York, there's one in every street corner. California has done a great job at changing the narrative on the trap game. Walking into a dis[pensary is no walk in the park, and requires a few precautionary measures. But it's so worth the experience! It's like one of those things you have to see to believe. But you know my mind is a little more colorful and vivid than most, so I'm going to lay it to you, exactly the way it is....on next week's post!

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