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A Frankie Tale

Red, where the HELL you been?

So allow me to open up this blog a little differently. Tonight is August 3rd, it is 10:44pm and I am feeling "adult-ish." Why and what exactly is that? Welp, allow me to explain. I am currently listening to Coffeehouse music, drinking mint mango and pineapple juice out of a straw in a mason jar, all while typing at my new small office space I created for myself in my studio home.

For so long, I said I wanted to create a working space for myself and my thoughts, to motivate me to work harder and be more productive. (Have you ever typed from your bed and just started melting into your sheets? Yeah, i was over that.- NO WORK WAS GETTING DONE!) So now fast forward 4 months later since my last blog post, as of a week ago, I finally feel like I did it! I bought a desk for a HELL OF A DEAL at Wal-Mart for $20, called up a trustee man to put it together for me, and here I am-- living up to my word and working from my desk. Yayyy!

Okay, so now you understand and have dissected my excitement for the desk, now let's get into what exactly it means to feel "adult-ish"? Welp, its quite simple, my act of working from my "working space" (which is a downgrade from an office but an upgrade from a table) has me feeling like an adult. Yes! I am blogging, sipping fancy juice, and listening to boujee music all while doing it. There is nothing more pure in the name of "Adulting" than this. Haha.

I have found that throughout my year of blogging, I was missing the underlying factor: consistency. It's not that I got lazy or stopped caring, but rather had my attention to so many other projects, I failed to take responsibility for abandoning something that required so much attention and dedication. I set the bar so high for myself to keep up, that I began to lose my focus and passion behind writing. Who was I blogging for? What was I blogging for? And here is what I discovered.....

...That I had to be honest with myself. Though I enjoy writing, my passion did not exude through this medium to write "Press" stories or relative news to pop culture and the world around us. (It's also just wayyyyy to much to write.) Though I always have so many ideas and love to do so, #aFrankieTale began as just that- TALES about Frankie. An inside look behind all my Misadventures. Stories about my travels and observations to the world around me. So though I enjoy I discussing pop culture and major headlines, my passion for that lies in Radio and Tv Broadcasting through dialogue as opposed to writing. I allow that passion to drive those conversations, it's just so much to write about I rather TALK about it and have a debate than write my own thoughts. At least with dialogue, you can always respond and redirect. But with writing however, its almost set in stone at that point. It took me some time to explore my routes to accept that and figure out my formula to keep writing.

I tell myself its okay to venture off into other endeavors, as long as you see them through and don't abandon them. Its okay to have multiple dreams, it's okay to have many talents, its okay to dabble in various artistic and creative mediums. But what's NOT okay, is to let go your dreams, have no aspirations, quit things you have already began, fail to prepare, and fear the unknown possibilities of tomorrow. It takes a great deal to persevere and prevail when you are kicking yourself down. It's hard to remain positive and hopeful for tomorrow when you are so hard on yourself today.

So that's where I've been at since March, busy with my head in so many places I began to treat #aFrankieTale like homework. Finding time to blog in my spare time became a battle between leisure and working. My ideas were so large, I overwhelmed myself with the mere thought of developing a story. Is that crazy or what? And furthermore, I burned out all my energy throughout the week on different projects, I began to tell myself I was being lazy and discrediting myself and my work ethic. Thus, putting off the blog until I found "time" again.

You ever get stuck between trying to identity "downtime" as either procrastination or relaxation? Well that's me everyday! When it's showtime, I am always shining bright, big smile, shoulders back, funny ON, and in GO-mode! But in actuality, behind closed doors, off camera, and off the dancefloor- I am a HOT MESS! A human with a full-time job by day and full-time branding hustle by night. What you DON'T see; is what you DON'T get! So I guess I may be doing it right.

But the God honest truth is, I need to cut the sh!t and really focus my energy into all of my moving projects, without one of them falling in the back burner. As much as I love blogging, I need to be honest with myself with what I can handle. Many of you faithful pupils have called me out on my sh!t by either writing to me or commenting on social media posts inquiring about content, and it is finally here! So whereas I am sorry for being MIA....I really owe absolutely no one a formal apology.....except myself. (Seriously, you brought your OWN eyes here; NOT me!) I am sorry sometimes bite off more than I can chew, I am sorry I lack discipline with myself and I am sorry that I let life get in the way.

Look, I'd be silly if I made an unrealistic promise to my readers that I will be here weekly again. i will never truly know if that's possible with my workload. But here is what I could promise, that I will ensure there is content and recaps of my daily misadventures in Hosting and Entertaining on a monthly basis. There should be no reason at all I should go 4our months with NOOOOOOOOO content. There is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much to catch you up to speed on from April to now. 2019 has been a hell of a year and the summer has yet again proven to be the most faithful season to me, where I experience and truly value the fruits of my labor. Booking have gone up MAJOR KEY- I could literally write a book about how amazing it all has been. But you already know how I like to drop my suspense, so I won't spoil it for you nor give it to you now.

So keep it right here! Every SUNDAY FUNDAY I am bringing you MORE tales, MORE Headliners, and MORE reflections on #aFrankieTale! I have come to terms with treating this blog like a personal journal where I laugh at myself all while being vulnerable with my readers. I was so caught up into my marketing and New Blog release dates to be on Friday for Frankie Friday, I was losing sight of the actual reason for writing my articles. I always have something to say (or type) but always get lost in between jobs and gigs as to where I can fit my time to actually sit-down and type or vlog.

This is an average month for me....take a look at August. Only Blue squares are "Open; Free days." And since taking this picture 3 days ago on August 1st, 2 of those open blue squares have been booked out. Every Monday is Red Dance, Every Tuesday is House of Drums, Every Wednesday is the Phoenix Hour Podcast, Every Thursday is rehearsal or Hosting Tj Hope's monthly LOVE JONES OPEN MIC, and Fridays....well FRIDAYS is when I'm supposed to "Live it Up." But unfortunately for this millenial, this is NOT my reality. I have given Fridays new meaning.

Seeing as though Fridays are my "downtime" nights, I have no choice but to treat it as a day to create content. I will still advertise upcoming content on Frankie Friday, but I have to respect my schedule enough to let it go as the official launch day for new posts. (Que the string quartet) My schedule just doesn't allow me to produce content for this day as easily as I had hoped. Lot's has changed and a lot is also forthcoming, so rather than burn myself out- I am finding new solutions.

With all this long ass rant aka blog post, about me getting my shit together and owning up to my blog's abandonment, I just want to let you know- I am BACK and trying my best to ensure I don't let you down again. Thank you for returning here week to week and for kicking my ass about my content. While I was fucking up my consistency here for 4 months, I have actually been on my grind all 2019! And whereas I began to slack on my blogs, I was actually improving my YouTube Channel vlogs by uploading more videos and creative content to my Red Wordz Channel weekly. Aside from that, I have also been hard at work with my new Entertainment Familia- The Phoenix Tv Media on "The Hip-Hop Roundtable Podcast." Check out these videos below and CATCH-UP with ya favorite Chika RED! Blogs 1, 2, & 3 of my "Hot Girl Summer" tales DROPS TO-DAY! I've got Red Hot Summer stories and reviews of some pretty amazing experiences, I cannot wait to share with you! Having this desk should really be the start of something amazing! Let's see if I can live up to my OWN expectations. Okay, now for some FaceTime! Let's cross-promote mine and my teams channel, shall we!?

Watch these vids below, then come back to read MY NEW BLOG POSTS!

Thanks again pupils, I love yall even through my screen! This is an [EMOTIONAL]

#FrankieTale....get a peek inside of my head!

Check out this clip of my VERY FIRST celebrity Red Carpet at the Glitz and Girl Power Award Ceremony!

Check out this Episode of Season 2, Episode 1 of the Hip-Hop Roundtable Podcast. Let's talk Billboards & Nipsey!

Good morning. Published at 8:27am August 4th, 2019.

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