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A Frankie Tale

Women's HER-story, Here's Mine

She smiles with glee and class.

Constantly-- pushing past-

all obstacles that tread her journey.

She is aware.

She is here.

She is life in itself,

Because I can't HELP put wonder...

Without HER, what are we?

Without her,

How can we be?

For she who births seeds,

Makes EARTH go round' between sky and sea.

SHE is Queen,

She is YOU,

She is ME!


NOW THAT'S how you start a blog, eh? Haha. Welcome back pupils! I am so excited to be writing again, because it's been a hectic month, full of blessings, prosperity, and growth.

Throughout the month of March, I have been blessed with the opportunity to live out my purpose in all avenues of The Redvoltuion! Red Dance is poppin Mondays, this month my House of Drums dance family celebrated 7 years of music and unity, RedL!ghTv on 101.1FM has featured WOMEN all month long, I was blessed with the opportunity to perform poetry at the iHeartRadio International Women's Day Luncheon (can you say WOW!?), and this year I FINALLY had an opportunity to perform at Thou Art Woman at the Broward Center for The Performing Arts- debuting my LGBT poetry! (I say "FINALLY" because I have had my eye on this event since 2016, and because I'm OUT....but I just don't know how many people actually know that about me.)

But this blog is not so much about me bragging about how dope my life is...hahaha. (I've written rhose and they never do well, even though I'm pretty awesome!) I am simply grateful to be able to have a Woman's HER-story tour right here in my own backyard throughout the month, especially being a feminist and avid supporter of all things FEMALE. For today's Blog I want to simply remind you that WOMEN ARE THE SH!T.

Throughout the month, I have been reflecting on all of the challenges I have faced, all of the adversities I have overcame over the years, all of the nay-sayers that doubted me, and more importantly...all the men who have double-crossed me.

I can't help put pat myself on the back for never giving-up, never doubting myself, never standing for injustice, never allowing another man to talk down to me, never selling myself short, never laying on my back for personal or professional advancement, and more importantly....never thinking any less of myself.

I have survived storms throughout my career as an entertainer and have never entertained nor tolerated disrespect, belittling, or allowed myself to be put in a situation I do not feel comfortable with. Because we are naturally perceived as docile; weak beings, it is my JOB to ensure that is NOT my narrative, nor reality.

As a woman, many times folks don't take into account or consideration everything we go through and endure. I could give you 5 examples of what a man will NEVER, in a LIFETIME experience that a woman must:

1. Childbirth

2. Monthly Periods

3. Hormonal Imbalances

4. Hot Flashes

5. Natural Selection Sexual Harassment

So just imagine how much more we have to keep it together, given just these 5 examples (and trust in real-life....this list is wayyyyyyyyy longer). Imagine carrying on throughout your day as if it were normal-everyday life, knowing you are bleeding freely. Having to deal with your boss at work while thinking to yourself "What am I going to cook for dinner?" Your mind is constantly going, you're constantly consumed thinking about all you must accomplish before the day ends, all of the people you have to please. Caring the burden on YOUR shoulders, because people depend on you. It could be pretty overbearing.

Yet, because we live in a male-dominated; machista society, we are taught not to complain or get complacent. We are deemed with the task of carrying on, as if nothing is wrong; to be robots even through pain and suffering. But why? Didn't Beyonce say that "WE RUN THE WORLD"? Do we really? Because if so, I don't see the world respecting that we run it. I don't feel society's apathy for us.

It's this very notion, that leads me to believe woman are superheros. We provide life to earth's inhabitants, balance multiple roles, and turn a house into a home. Whether that home be for ourselves as single women, married women, single motherhood, or courting in a relationship, it is SHE who must be wooed and pursued. It is SHE who you fight for. It is SHE who will bear your children. So what am I missing here? Why do we experience so much push back? Why aren't we given the respect we so solemnly deserve?

Our job as women is to keep things in order and serve as the focal point of happiness. Whether that happiness comes in the form of love, sex, emotional support, motherhood, being a trophy, sisterhood, companionship, or friendship- it takes a WOMAN to make the world go round.

So I want to encourage ALL woman out there- to live out your purpose, be yourself, live carefree, and be selfish with your goals and aspirations. Stop worrying about and putting everyone else first, we lose ourselves in pleasing others. We fill the cup, but have ours half empty. Do for yourself, fend for yourself, BUILD yourself, encourage yourself, LOVE yourself, because you are the BEST version of you! You are a woman, you are POWERFUL and this is YOUR month baby! Stay encouraged because only you can build your


This is #aFrankieTale....get a peek inside my head!

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