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A Frankie Tale

Just another Curvalicious, Frankie Friday in Miami!

Everyone needs a calendar nowadays right?? Well meet the models meeting the needs of most American's with their

Hot and Sexy, Miami-Inspired Calendars!

Just a few miles South of Hardrock stadium, right in the Heart of good ole' Carol City, modernly known as

Miami Gardens, lies an electric billboard showcasing models of multiple shades and sizes right outside of a popular neighborhood bar and lounge. Who are these women? With a function at a club that speaks to the heart and soul of Dade County, residing right in the corner of the infamous 183rd Street? An intimate dive bar known as "Studio 183"-- it's name, paying homage to it's very popular location and placement. Knowing about Miami's party scene at the surface is one thing, but to fully embody and capture the essence of the real Dade County, there is no better place than than at Studio 183.

Miami is a city known for its sunny beaches, diverse culture, eclectic art, tropical feel, and of course.................

........BEAUTIFUL WOMEN! If there is a modeling agency that is totally KILLIN IT and putting on for their city, it's none other than CurvaliciousHer, as they celebrate the launch of their FOURTH annual calendar release.

Founded in March of 2016, Curvalicious Her is a model agency network of women who support and encourage self-acceptance and positive body image. They offer a wide range of services to cater to various markets and demographics in the beauty and fashion industry. Their roster includes everything from models, to makeup artists, stylists, designers, young professionals, entrepreneurs, mothers and beyond.

“We embody all aspects of womanhood,”

said CEO Brittiney Williams.

The lot was flooded in women dressed in all white, as the Curve Dolls arrived for their big reveal at their Calendar release party. Prior to entering and shutting the whole club down, the Dolls took photos and videos next to their images as they appeared on the mobile billboard truck. As cars passed by, distant honks and hollers could be heard as the models mobbed the outside of the club. It was evident, that tonight it was all about The Curve Dolls.

It's now time for the big walk! Now if you've every been to a Curvalicious Her fashion show or function, you will know that nothing they put their hands on is ever small or simplified, but rather luxurious and over-the-top, keeping their audiences constantly engaged and looking forward to more.

With over 12 models present for the release party, the Dolls enter Studio183 into a beautiful multi-colored, litt-up dance floor strutting their best catwalk into their VIP section near the DJ Booth. VIP treatment, calls for a VIP entrance, so there was no doubt the dolls were going to make their presence known.

Now we know the Dolls know how to party. If you don't...............................then I suggest you read my last Blog Post about them at their Anniversary Party at Strike 10 in Gulfstream Casino. Or CLICK HERE

But when they come to party and represent the brand, they know exactly how. Brittiney arranged a step and repeat area in an elevated stage space for the dolls to take pictures and record their favorite Instagram videos. The stage sat center, near the DJ booth where guests can also take pictures with their favorite Dolls. Here's one of my personal favorites, Miss Covergirl and July, and a few other just gonna have to get your hands on a calendar to see her amazing shots, Ahriel Butler. A true queen to her divine self-love and appreciation of curves.

It looked like a scene from a movie in there! The Dj had the music litt all-night long, models were dancing the night away, bottle girls popping bottle after bottle, after bottle, and of course calendars galore, as model gathered to sign copies for fans, friends, and family! I was on a mission personally to get all my copies signed by all the models for a special sneak peek vision I had for a video. In fact, the video was cute, I even through in here for yall. Yes, I know, I am so dam thoughtful. Just wait till the full vlog drops, these teasers will make much more sense.

.....Before your pupils just skim over my photo like that, can we just admire the amaizng lighting and dancefloor this place has!? Its like the perfect mix of litt-up, dark, oldschool, and absolutely fucking Adorable!

Featuring some of South Florida's curviest and voluptuous models and socialites, CurvaliciousHer's Calendar is the perfect way to track your days, all while supporting (and by support, I def mean enjoying the image of a half naked bombshell staring at you everytime you go to check "what today is.") full-figured and diverse bodies of women. Shoot! I had my 2019 Edition, now I have my 2020 calendar ready to hang in my Bachelorette Pad Kitchen.

Launch your 2020 with CurvaLiciousHer's 4th Annual

Calendar Edition!


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