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A Frankie Tale

Issa Red-Hot Summer! Let's go on a Curvy-Adventure!

Happy Frankie Friday and Welcome back Faithful pupils! (This opening line is proof I wrote this with all the intentions of it coming out on a Friday. Lol. But per my last post, you know that will no longer be possible. But still expect TIMELINE FLOODS because I OWN Fridays!)'s been a while. But I am here. Well and alive; booked and busy! But there is sooooooooooooo much to catch you up on! Summer is here, bathing suits are out, and life is happening. As per usual, my leap of absence is due to the many blessings....I mean bookings my Papacito Dios provides for me. I am forever grateful for all the opportunities. Speaking of opportunities.....

Soooooo it's my FAVORITE time of year right now! June Gemini Season! (Well at least it WAS back in June 13th when I began to type this blog and abandoned it in the blog dungeon) And if you don't know why it's THE BIGGEST DEAL EVER, then allow me to school you right's my birthday month! Jaaassss! (Again, it WAS...Lol.)

Every year for my birthday, I always come up with outrageously fun, adventerous, funny, & bizarre ways to celebrate my birthday. Partying just gets so old and mundane, so I like to add a splash of spice to my birthdays to make it sizzle a little. And I think this 2019 Birthday, I did just that. I tired something new & was open to a new experience.

So let's back track through time to my birthday Pre-Turnup Pool Party Bash Weekend experience with Curvy Ventures Plus-Size Events. Ya girl was booked to Host a series of Pool Parties and nightlife events for an entire weekend right here in Fort Lauderdale, FL. I could sit here and go in full detail about how litt my parties were, but you weren't there, so I cannot give you that pleasure through a simple read. But what you could do is go ahead and watch my Pool Party and Red Carpet Affair recaps on my YouTube Page and tell me what you think.

Alright now it's time to tell me what you think! First off , how litt was I!? I couldn't believe I found myself partying like an actual rock-star with complete and total strangers. I'm talking people all over the United States came out to this thing. But just exactly what is this "Curvy Ventures thing." Welp, you are in the right place to find out. Let's digg a little deeper into this movement.

Soooooo upon my findings, (haha...just kidding, I didn't even have to go look for sh!t, my Publicist is too clutch for that) I was both pleased and surprised to find out just exactly what this movement does for the curvy community. This group though called "Curvy....." is not your average industry curves or what Beyonce says is curvy- no! I'm talking full blown BBW's with no shame in their curvy game! These men and woman were so comfortable in their skin, it was mesmerizing and inspiring to witness.

Whereas society may label and "fat-shame" these individuals, Curvy Ventures creates an atmosphere and culture of body-positivity and inclusion, for all body types to feel comfortable, SAFE, and live and party care-free at any size. I had no idea what I was about to walk into. I set no expectations for myself and had no high hopes of anything at all. I simply kept an open heart and an open mind about the entire experience.

Though we all have insecurities, one of mine has always been my body and ensuring it's always my version of perfect. Though never achievable after becoming a real woman because of my eating hours and lack of physical fitness, I never failed to exude confidence but rather fat-shamed MYSELF behind closed doors. (If you just came from my last post, then you KNOW I am so damm hard on myself. I hope I don't have a problem. Haha.) I would look and stare at my belly fat in pure disgust and tell myself "How could I let myself go like this?"

But after being around all these confident bombshells, I realized this was simply a me problem. Whatever you want to fix, is for YOU to enjoy and/or hate; NOT for others. Though not so much from a fat-shaming angle, I was bullied in my teens for having no ass. And as shallow as that may sound, it tore up my spirit. All the guys will call me surfboard, ironing board, compare me to the wall (which now I think back to it, and appreciate how clever that insult really is) and mock me when I would come down the hallway. They always said I was very pretty, but could never be "FINE or SEXY" because my ass was nonexistent. This must've been my first true time questioning my looks and feeling body-shamed.

So now fast forward a decade and some years, and my boo-tay is very much PRESENT and juicy! Oh and those very guys be all up in my DMS like "Dam Frankie, you looking right." or my favorite "I've always had a crush on you". Like really? NO YOU DIDN'T, I was't worthy because I had no ASS remember? Oh, butt now (haha....see what I did there?) my butt is here and I'm a person of interest. No thank you. But it took me to have to block out the noise of the insults and belittling, to realize I was beautiful regardless of my shape or body's development. I had to learn this as young as 12 years old. However, fast forward to today- this was the very message I received from the Bashers at Curvy Ventures Summer Bash. They walked around without a care in the world what people thought or felt about them, regardless of their plus-sizes.That was so empowering!

THIS IS REAL SELF-LOVE, WHEN YOU DON'T GIVE A F%*K! There was a sense of ownership and confidence that exuded from these party-goers and that's all thanks to the safehaven they provide for eachother at these getaway parties. So often we see picture-perfect bodies on tv, magazines, and other mediums- we fail to recognize what ACTUAL, REAL, EVERYDAY bodies look. Or on the other extreme of that, we forget that BBW's and BBM's exist and are human beings just like us. It's not like everyday we have a new Monique, Melissa McCarthy or Rebel Wilson on the scene. So to be in a place for a full weekend with men and woman of all shapes and sizes appreciating and uplifting each other all while turning-up with no shame was a beautiful sight to see.

I cannot wait to work with this group again. Everyone was so inviting, so unified, so loving, and showed me PERSONALLY so much love. I was overwhelmed with the amount of love and compliments I received on not just my Hosting and vibes all weekend, but even my looks. While I am kicking myself in the ass for eating a bag of chips before bed, Curvy Ventures reminds me it's okay because I will still beautiful after those chips are digested. Lol. Here are a few things folks had to say about their RED-HOT Curvy Ventures Summer in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. It's without a doubt that I will be back!

With all that being said, guess who's traveling with this brand and bringing the VIBES to CHICAGO! YUP......MEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!


A special THANK YOU again to Maria & Juan for booking me, believing in me, and trusting me with bringing their BASHERS a GRAND OLD TIME! This is truly my love and passion: the gift to entertain and I can only work harder and dream BIGGER, so that I may continue to reach for the top!

This is #aFrankieTale....get a peek inside my head!

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