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A Frankie Tale

When my Ink Bleeds, I Write Poems


Feeling the intensity,

Running through my veins.

It's like electricity,

Running through a power source,

Turning things ON.

YOU are my energy.

Causing my voltage to rise and grind.

Causing my heart and mind,

to love you forever.

YOU are my energy.

When you uplift me,

My sky opens.

When you cause harm,

the moon rises

and my demise is near.

Unhappy and unclear

As to why you have me so head over heels for you.

Your Dream girl,

Your sun and light.

Your energy source of pure bliss and delight.

EYE am your energy.


I'm busting heads,

breaking hearts,

taking what's mine,

Got you falling apart.


Dear Lee,

What are you without me?

Where is the love every time you kill me soft - Lee.

Dear Lee,

I love you dearly.

God made you for me.

But God Lee,

I guess you couldn't see,

the love I had.

The tears I cried.

The truths I lied,

Just protect you from shame.

Just to secure you felt secure--

Carrying my name.

Dear Lee,

What more could I give?

How much can I see?

If there's no you,

why not me?

Dear Lee,

taken too soon.

If I could I would....

....jump to the moon and make room for your grand entrance.

Now I must love on and reminisce on your presence.

Dear Lee,

This letter is for me.

For you are no longer here.

Your existence could never be.

Just know my love will never die,

though you're still killing me-

Slow-LY; Soft-LY.

Dear Lee,

Forever loving you Dear-LY.

Diamond in the sky

If I could make raindrops turn to gifts,

I'll make it rain diamonds.

Filling the skies with glam, glitz, and Glitter.

Making the world brighter, outburst with shine.

Bringing best friends to every woman who has felt alone.

Bringing value to every man who couldn't get it on his own.

If I could make tears turn into bliss,

I'll cry diamonds.

I'll wipe my tears,

Face my fears,

and remember I am a worthy Princess.

I'll remind myself I am beautiful.

Look in the mirror and tell myself "You are divine."

YOU ARE God's design.

Handcrafted perfectly benign.

Lavishly living.

Validation from no man.

Ravishingly defying.

Absolutely gorgeous.

Acceptance from no human.

If I could shine brighter than the sun,

I would want to be a diamond during sunrise.

Penetrating sunrays through my body;

A disco-ball for the universe.

If I could be a DIAMOND,

I would define divine femininity.

For I am worthy.

For I am woman.

For I am a Diamond,

With rough edges and scuffed through the dirt.

But still I rise,

as HIGH as I can and remind myself

That the limit is the sky,

my past does not define my worth.

Thanks for making it to the end. Hope you enjoyed my freewrite poems.

What were your thoughts on each piece? Which was your favorite? What did you interpret from them? Let me know your thoughts! Poetry is like art- deep and varies by perspective.

This is #aFrankieTale....get a peek inside my [POEMS]!

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