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A Frankie Tale

Hot off the Lens! It's TFCP...the runway!

Welcome back pupils!

If you are here for more ATL adventures, then you've come to the right place! Last week I basically hyped you up for this moment right here. But now is today and today is now, so let's just jump right in! We've got a lot of ground to cover.

For today's tale, I bring you some of my favorite looks and fashion moments of TFCP bay-bee! This is where I "TELL ALL" from backstage to the runway. This show was quite interesting, given some of our obstacles, but one thing never goes wrong: THE LOOKS! So allow me to walk you on a journey through the ATL....TFCP style! Let's start with muah, shall we; because I wanna get into some thangs!

Okay, so let's spill some tea on this moment right here!



Now I know what you're thinking, "You were running late to the show, huh?" And the answer is...OF COURSE NOT! (Which is actually quite impressive, given my track record with punctuality.) This was just a classic case of mayhem on the day of the show.

So what really happened....?

It'S 2 HOURS till showtime and backstage is running a muck! Models running around getting fitted for the runway, designers putting last minute touches on their designs, hairstylist making magic with their hands, and MUA's beating faces to the Gawds. I on the other hand, was busy between assisting with the show setup, getting fitted, and taking a number for a full face beat. I was instructed by Fara to recite poetry to open up the TFCP runway show, so I was kinda rushing. But even in the mist of my speedy movement, I felt like I had time to do it all. After all, it's not my first TFCP rodeo.

After impatiently waiting for about an hour for an available make-up artist, another model jumps ahead of me and proclaims her spot was already secured with the makeup artist prior to me coming backstage. Seeing as though I had my own personal conversation with the MUA about being next, I questioned her claims. But to my surprise, the MUA agreed and mentioned she did indeed secure her slot. Being the nonchalant, non-confrontational mami I am, I simply nodded and agreed to waiting till the next turn. But time was ticking and I knew I was going to miss my poetry opening and walking if we didn't get going. (Because you know, MURPHY's F**king LAW is REAL! What are the chances I was walking in the very FIRST fashion line!?)

It's now 40 minutes till showtime and I am just now starting to get my make-up done. (SIGH....) About 20 minutes go by, and Fara is freaking out over time and going on and on about starting the show promptly at 6pm. As I am sitting there anxiously waiting for my make-up to get done, Fara jumps out and tells me "It looks like you won't be doing that poem or walking, I need you out there already. The models are already lined up." I couldn't help but boil inside; I did NOT come all the way to Atlanta for nothing! But I took a breather, recollected my thoughts, and told the MUA if she didn't hurry I was just going as is. But nah...she wasn't going to let that rock. Working vigorously to accomplish a face beat in a rush, I began to change into my runway look as she was applying lipstick and adding final touches. (TIME WAS AGAINST ME FOLKS!) She finally finished and left me looking amazing. So off I go! Though I was unable to open the show with poetry, I was still determined to walk. But of course, it's always a misadventure and something ELSE GOES HORRIBLY WRONG!


This show's setup was unlike anything I have ever seen before. In order to get our guests by the element of surprise on the runway, we came in from the back of the establishment which connected to the backstage area via a commercial plaza loading dock ally way. (Did you read that right? A whole freakin Ally dude! Can you say HORROR movie!?) ANYWAY....after several knocks [or bangs] on about 10-13 doors and almost being chased by three pitbulls (yes....for real...they were in the ally) , I finally found the correct door. But when I arrived, the models had already flooded the runway. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! My heart was crushed, I knew there was no hope for me to walk in this bomb ass outfit....until I heard a very distinct voice on the mic!


Travis Scott's Sicko Mode was blaring through the speakers as Denim (CDenim Designer) was talking ABOUT his line; this was the perfect opportunity! Though the models had already flooded (By the way, allow me to'll see this word quite a bit. A "Flood" is when ALL the models come out and take a final walk as they clap for the designer. Don't say I never taught you anything.), I still took it upon myself to walk out. I mean, I was supposed to originally walk out last anyway; seeing as though I was supposed to open the show with poetry. So why not? Like I said...I didn't come all this way for nothing. As for the poem...don't worry, that still happened. I was placed as an intermission act. That was more than a-okay with me. Let's just be glad I did not explode. It could've gotten pretty ugly. Check out the fierce hair flip.

Here were some of my personal favorite looks by CDenim...

Model: Lola

IG: @LOLABunnie_TheBrand (lots of slayage on her Timeline)

Runway Motto: "Don't fall, Don't fall, Don't Fall."

When I tell you shorty can WALK, she might have just invented it! Sorry Tyra. Lola, who pridefully sits at 30 RAVISHING years of age, has been modeling since her early childhood years. (Meanwhile, here I thought she WAS A CHILD!) She began her journey on runway at John Casa Blanca's in Miami, Florida- where she received professional coaching and constant reinforcement from her mother, who always pushed her to excel.

"My mom was a like my version of Joe Jackson, because she was a real bad, like, show parent. It's hilarious now that I'm older, but growing up, I hated it."

Model and Hairstylist: Viginia

Now this look I love, simply because I simply adore a mixture of colors, textiles, and patterns. Notice how Viginia's cropped blouse has a combination of inspirations- from animal print to abstract paint. It's like going to an art museum and trying to understand what the painting is trying to "say" or communicate. The gray-washed jeans on the other hand, give our curvy model edge. Picture this look with just solid denim. I imagine it's rather plain Jane right!? (So not a real question.) This look is also very versatile. You can wear it to dinner with nice wedges, followed by the club in fly pumps, and if you're a real party animal [like me], you can even wear this to the beach the next morning with some cute flip flops.


(...Although I did like my Matrix- inspired denim cape wayyyy more.)

I actually tried on the jeans and cropped blouse separately. I had no idea he was combining these 2 pieces. He nailed the vision! .

...Don't get it twisted though, models have zer0 say over what they wear on the runway. We're just sexy robots and an upgrade from manikins.

Model: Jess

Okay, so this one is special to me. Not only was her look one of my favorites from this collection, but Jes was also one of my favorite people to work with behind the scenes. Before we dig a little deeper into this model, let's dissect this slay. First off, LOOK AT THOSE, not her mouth you PERV, I'm talking about the sequin embroidered lips on her top!!! AHHHH!!! rIGHT THERE I WAS SOLD! This look embodies an infusion of styles- not only does the referee material give it a sporty- authentic look, but the denim sleeves definitely give it an urban appeal aswell. To compliment, the high-waist makes this design a fully chic ensemble. Great work Denim....whom if I may shamelessly add was BOTH the designer AND stylist for his models.

A little about our model....she's from Fort Lauderdale, (AYYYY....We Da Best, and no I don't care if it's a Miami thing to's still South Florida.) and has aspirations of working in the fashion industry long-term. When we (RedL!ghTv) sat with Jes for an exxxclusive interview, her candor and sweet spirit totally contradict the looks she is serving us in this photo. Jes is a small, petite model who sits funsized at about 5 ft and has a smile that will light up a room. Though cute and sweet, this model is as FIRCE as they come on the runway! Turning heads as she sways with every step.

"This is my first time walking for Fara and I cannot wait. I'm coming back next year to, to showcase." Showcase what exactly...keep reading. You know I like to surprise you.

Unfortunately, I was unable to catch this model's name, as he was very quite and mysterious. But one thing I loved about him, was his demeanor on the runway. THAT'S REALLY HOW HE IS! Just a shy guy, with not much to say, but a whole lot to deliver. Notice how he's serving looks and giving us a "The Rock" inspired People's eyebrow. This fur totally compliments his swagger and the kinte print gives us just enough WAKANDA to live with. He totally OWNED and BODIED this look!



Ready for my final favorite?? simple, yet so gothically (yeeeaaahhhppp....I just made that up.) chic, I wanted to go to AfroPunk after this amazing display of slay.

MODEL: Ashley

Originally from sunny- Westcoast California, Ashley moved to Atlanta with her family over a decade ago, and has continued to call the ATL. Due to her love for entertainment, music, & fashion, she set out to pursue her modeling career right here and says she owes it to Atlanta for her milestones thus far.

"I can definitely say that I owe it to Atlanta for getting into the modeling industry, and all the success I have gotten so far, for sure- definitely."

When we sat with her on RedL!ghTv, she was very candid and cheery. Her voice small; yet confident. Her walk on the runway- powerful yet soft as a petal. Her look, versatile with a clean face complimented with beautifully sprinkled freckles just above her cheekbones. She is definitely not your average apple from the tree.

Now in case you're wondering why I am going on and on and on about her looks, it's because that's just it! TFCP caters to all faces, body types, shapes, and sizes. The diversity amongst the models is real! Typically, runway caters to tall, slim and slender women. But at TFCP, you can count on seeing it all.

Ready for more???

Here's another fierce designer who brought casual

New York swagger to the RUNWAY!

MEET THE DESIGNER of Dub Lab Clothing- he goes by the name Stichie Don. Which if I may add is an outrageously dope name. Because he make clothes, the "Stitch" in his "Stichie" Alias, is quite clever. And of course having "Don" before or following your name definitely implicates you are an expert and a boss in whatever it is you do.

Stichie's inspiration for Dub Lab, derived from his love and loyalty to the music industry. It was actually the name of the very first studio he ever pursued music in. His entire brand and mantra, mirrors his connection music as he works as both a Dj and Professional Musician of sorts.

"I love Fashion. I thought it would be cool to implement the fashion with the music, it kinda sparks conversation to bring it back to the music. We are a music production company, but bringing in Fashion puts what we stand for in a physical sense. You can touch it."


Now personally, I am a big fan of casual clothing. Especially when done right!

It's something about comfort and naturalism that I just find so intriguingly sexy. Why do you think active wear is the new sweatsuit? When it comes to active and sport designs and clothing, I would say for us women, the clothing has to have just enough sex appeal complimented with functionality. That's exactly how I felt coming down the runway in this look- comfortable and sexy. Not to mention, I didn't even walk in heels. My new Nike Vapor Max's were the call of the night. As for how much I nailed this look, the cleavage was an amazing bonus. Seeing as though, there were far further sexier and more ris-kay pieces that hit the runway, I was shocked at the amount of compliments I received from everyone on how amazing I looked.

Our Host for the evening, @Shonti.B was definitely lit (notice the VERY empty cup & huge smile) and looking fly as ever as she rocked several designer's looks throughout the night, between runway displays. But this was by far my absolute favorite look! Very Atlanta and swaggy. Complimented with some good-old Northern-inspired Timberland boots. She embodied comfort and confidence in her puffy Dub Lab Letterman. Very Chris Breezy....

MODEL: Amiyjah

When asked:

"How does music and fashion go hand in hand?"

Stichie Don says:

...Fashion captures the eye, and music captures the soul..."

Here's another dope piece that had me thinking of Netflix and Chill all night!


C'MON, don't you just wanna lay in this? Don't you just want to hug our beautiful model?

How great is it to rock clothing that rocks comfort and authenticity. The idea is 'if the look is exclusive to me, it suffices.' (Well at least those who enjoy fashion, we know that's not everyone.) This was a truly beautifully constructed coat, but they had me at the texture.


I recited my Red Wordz Freestyle Spoken Word, RIGHT BEFORE walking this look for Dub Lab.

Stichie Don came in clutch (slang for "great timing") with my clothes in hand for a quick change in the runway backstage area, so I didn't have to go on a voyage through the alleyway.

Ready for more???

Here's another fierce designer who brought Summer Season to Winter in Atlanta on the RUNWAY!

oh n0!

Looks like I tricked you!

That's all for this tale, come back NEXT week where I bring you MORE LOOKS from the runway, MORE STORIES from models and designers, & MORE BTS TALES of my misadventures. I promise, it's too good to just give it all to you in one post!

....Catch YA NEXT WEEK right here!

This is #aFrankieTale....get a peek inside my head.

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