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A Frankie Tale

A-Town Stomping into the Weekend!

Welcome back faithful readers! Today is Frankie Friday and boy am I upset with myself. Before I even get into this week's adventure, let me begin by expressing my discontent for missing Frankie Friday last week when I landed in....uhhh??

My goal was to write my blog in REAL-TIME and publish upon landing. But like most of my tales, it's always a misadventure and things don't quite always go as planned. (Still packing hours before my flight, I should really break that cycle.) So here I am, writing to you on my way BACK to SUNNY-South Florida. What you are about to read below this very THICK & PINK line, was written in real-time, while on my adventure in Atlanta. Now that I am back, I cannot wait to share some more tales witcha! I was LITTY this trip! But then again, aren't I LITTY EVERY trip! Let's see what brings me to the A-Town! This is my last big trip of 2018, so I had to make sure I made it count!


If you were here last week, you experienced a whole lotta cuteness, as I introduced you all to my daughter Glitter. But today, I am writing to you in real time, as I am off to another adventure! This time, as a poet, model and media for a second time in a row, to the second installment of The Fara Charles Project- ATL! I am super excited because I get to indulge in yet another round of backstage chaos, model mayhem, production nightmares, and fashion forward "WOW"-MOMENTS. Because as we all know, not everything always goes as planned, I am curios what could go wrong, because I am just bursting with enthusiasm. Regardless of what obstacles I may face......THE SHOW MUST STILL GO ON!


By the way, if you're wondering what the hell is TFCP, then clearly you are new to #aFrankieTale Blog. Please feel free to give yourself a history lesson by reading my New York Fashion Week Series, where I covered every aspect of how this fashion show production was birthed.

Wanna see the face of TFCP???


MEET THE Fara Charles!!!

***BTW, I finally got her ass to SIT DOWN for an EXXXCLUSIVE !

Lookout for that on REDL!GHTv.


As amazing and runway- ready as we may look, this picture (above) was actually taken at another event in which I collaborated with Fara. Tis the season for ART BASEL, (Ouuu....Read about my 2017 Art Basel Misadventures on #aFrankieTale Blog.) and this year rather than attend an exhibit and party like a rockstar, I was booked to Host "Art-Basel-ish", an all-female art expo highlighting female artists and creatives in the South Florida area. That was a super dope GIG!

ANYWAY.....So we're back for ROUND DOS of ATL!

A little history lesson, this is where TFCP all started for me. Back in January of 2017, I was fist introduced to FARA through my work and association with BIG RADIO ONLINE. Through mutual friends and colleagues, she reached out to a poet friend of mine, requesting poets to open for her Fashion show. I mean, for someone in the fashion industry to reach out to do some poetry??? SHooooottttt......there was no way I was turning this down, so I happily obliged. (Especially when I found out it was in Atlanta! I've never been there before!) Little did I know however, that opportunity was going to lead me down a path of print modeling and runway. I went to Atlanta to perform poetry, and left with designers and photographers contacting me to collaborate on fashion projects. Can you say blessed!? Jaaaassss!!

TFCP opened doors for me, that I otherwise wouldn't have opened myself. (Like, a shorty cute, but never had any intentions of modeling RUNWAY!) With little to no "REAL" runway experience, I put my best foot forward, (Get it? you have to step well on the catwalk? No? Well...I laughed.) and explored the market. I figured, I am a performer and walk graciously in heels, so yeah.... why not!? It's litt! I'll just go ahead and check that off the list of things to do before I die. Model? Check! Runway/ Catwalk? Check! Poet? Always....CHECK! I'll just do it all as long as I am on this earth! Simple. And since taking a good step forward, (haven't fallen on the catwalk.....YET!) I haven't looked back since.

Here's some cool TFCP stats for ya:

TFCP GOES TO ATL.......................JAN 2017............POET

TFCP SPRING TINGZ.....................FEB 2018.............POET, MODEL

TFCP MEETS NYFW.....................SEPT 2018............POET, MODEL, MEDIA

TFCP ATL TAKE II.........................DEC 2018.............POET, MODEL, MEDIA

So on this trip, (like TFCP NYFW &...because JU KNOW....a shorty hu$tle) I will be opening her Fashion Show with Red Wordz Poetry, working the runway, and interviewing models and designers. Past shows, I've done just poetry and modeling, but this is just a bit more exciting because I get to dig in people's minds; get their stories. The THRILL of knowing I'll be meeting new people, visiting new places,and experiencing new things- that's the beauty of traveling! The essence of living by EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED! Let's see how it goes this go around. I have had my fair share of ups and downs with all of travels, that's why it's always a MISadventure. It can't JUST be an adventure, if I am included.

So I'm excited for what's to come. What will I see? What will I do? How litt am I about to be on the gram right now!? Haha...Yes, this stuff really runs through my mind. But one thing is for sure, I am so excited to share it with the world! Blogging about my reflections through #aFrankieTale, and Vlogging my experiences on RedL!ghTv- makes the adventure feel like I am a star in my own movie! It's like living out your diary's tales.

Wherever I travel, no matter the destination, I never take it for granted.

So thanks for sticking with me, and riding my crazy waves, through all my misadventures.


This is #aFrankieTale Blog....get a peek inside my head!

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