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A Frankie Tale

Let's talk Poles...I mean Polls!

It's safe to say that if you did not vote in this 2018 Election, then society is not your friend right now. With social media being our main source of promotion and platform for wide-spread campaigns, the PEER PRESSURE IS REAL! If it's not an ad in your face, it's an ad in your ear. Facebook walls FLOODED with reminders to check for your polling place, Youtube commercials giving you guilt trips if you don't go out and vote, Instagram Timelines filled with Campaign Sponsored Ads, it's a never ending list of constant reminders to get up and participate in the democratic process.

"Souls to The Polls"

A few days ago, I posted a Facebook status admitting that I had cast my vote due to peer pressure, but I still voted though right? So isn't it okay? Hmm...not quite. You see, though I exercised my right to let my voice be heard- I did it for all the wrong reasons. I didn't want to live with the guilt or thought that I never partook in making history for our beautiful Sunshine State. History??? Yeah! The 2018 Election for the next Governor of Florida was the election that brought our first BLACK candidate for Governor on the ballot. Was I really gonna allow this opportunity to pass up, knowing TRUMP is in office at a Federal level? I think not. Someone has to speak for OUR people.

Making History is the New Reason to Vote!

So for the past 2 elections where I have exercised my rights, I voted for one reason and one reason only- TO MAKE HISTORY. In 2012, Obama Vs. Romney I wanted to ensure my Prez was elected for another 4 years, but I was a little ignorant to the democratic process. (I will also like to add that I was 18 and still learning how elections worked.) When I wanted to go cast my vote, the polls were closed and my heart was crushed. I knew this was a feeling I never wanted to feel again. Though Obama won for his second term in a row, had he lost- I would have felt partially responsible. In 2016, Clinton Vs. Trump- the feminist in me was NOT going to allow the opportunity to elect the FIRST EVER FEMALE PRESIDENT pass up that easily. Plus, I am a fan of Bill and my dislike for Trump's foreign policy was enough for me to vote for ANY CANDIDATE- other than him. I wish he'd just stick to Miss America pageants.

What motivates you to vote?

Whether it's your morals, values, outlook on policy, friends, family, or co-workers- come election season, EVERYONE is talking politics and pretending to have an extensive background in Government and Public Policy. Whether or not you're as weak as me and give into peer pressure or vote to make historical strides, it's important to identify the reasons behind why you're voting. Do you care about the issues? Are you just concerned with ensuring your party is in office? Did you vote just because the candidate is of a particular race, religion, or gender? Did you vote for the most popular candidate? How about who ran the best campaign? Believe it or not, these are all reasons folks go out there and cast their vote. The list goes on and on, but I would say these are the most common. Identify what matters to you, and understand that a vote is a commitment. It's a cosign, it's a "Yes", it's an affirmation of your stance. How will you feel about this decision later? Are you certain you stand by your vote?


Q: "Is it really that serious Red?"


A: Uhh... HELL YEAHHH!!!

Do you think you participate actively in the election process?

Most people don't know how active or inactively they are in the election process. But thankfully for mail from our League of Voters, I received an enclosed poll that read my voting activity is "Below Average" since my right to vote began in 2012. I was flabbergasted; but then again- not really because I knew my first time voting was for Hilary in the 2016 Presidential Election. Nonetheless, this little piece of mail right here was an eye-opener. I wanted to not only affirm my right to vote, but I knew it was my civil duty. Furthermore, (the truth) I don't wanna feel guilty for such negligence.

How about that mailbox, eh?

So we all know how bombarding our mailboxes can get around election time.

Every candidate wants you to know why they're so awesome and worthy of your vote and the Supervisor of Elections office wants to ensure you exercise your right to vote. Don't get me started on all the other campaign mail that makes it's way to our civilian mailboxes. Such as but not limited to: newsletters, flyers, campaign ads, amendment information, hate mail, and so on.... The mailboxes become consumed with information and I am still left clueless about the issues. All I have for now is a list of accomplishments and nice photos of candidates- which I skip right over. If the content isn't informative and all selling, BYE FELICIA! Realistically speaking, I have poor mailbox maintenance; things just pile up. (Just being honest...) Why? because I pay all my bill$ electronically and/ or automatically. So whatever comes in the mail is just a reminder for something I already paid for, or coupons and flyers for the week.

But seriously....

I am NOT preaching GO VOTE out off peer pressure. I am also not advocating you be oblivious to the world around you and not become a well-informed citizen. I am just telling you the TRUTH about my life and how it relates to many. We're so busy leading our own lives and carrying out our every-day responsibilities as adults, that we don't stop for a moment and think about our public policy or look in-depth at elections. If you're reading this and nodding your head because you know you're simply NOT this type, then congratulations....YOU ARE GOALS! Living in a society where watching CNN and voting is our way of saying we are contributing to the democratic process, it quite sad given the amount of real-issues we are facing as a Nation today. From conflicting stances on gun control due to a rise in school shootings, to massive disaster relief efforts, to tax cuts and raises, immigration policy and protecting our borders, to allocating funds for government assistance- there are an array of public policy issues that effect us as a body and other issues that pertain to our individual circumstances. These and so much more are the very reason we should always be in the know.

But let's be real....

Just as the satirical ads on millennial voting indicate, WE will find 101 reasons why we cannot vote and/ OR refuse to. Heck, some people don't even believe in elections. If that is so, (which I truly hope it isn't) I rather be safe than sorry and feel as if I have contributed to making an impact. I know we all have sh!t to do...but voting HAS TO be on that list. Basically, VOTE of STFU! If you think that's rude, I'm okay with that. Personally, I think telling you to SHUT THE F*** UP is nicer than Diddy's message, at least mine keeps you alive.



In 2004 during the Bush vs. Kerry Presidential Election, Sean P. Diddy Combs started the campaign "VOTE OR DIE", (which if you ask me- I think is a bit much) as a means to get young people to vote. Harsh, perhaps. But I cannot say it doesn't get the point across. This was the first time (at least that EYE saw) of the Hip-Hop culture getting involved in politics at such a scale.




Thanks so much for having your pupils make it till the end.

Catch another post you neXt week as I reveal some BIG, BIG, BIG, NEWS!

This is #aFrankieTale....

....get a peek inside my head!

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