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A Frankie Tale

New York Fashion Week PT. II: "BITCH, COME HERE!" Ratchet or Real?

Lookup New York Fashion Week 2018 on Google and tell me what pops up. (Now don't do a search if you have a short attention span or are easily distracted, you may forget to come back HERE.) If the first thing you can find is headlines about the feud, pretend fight, and extremely GANGSTER moment between female rappers Cardi B and Nikki Minaj, then maybe that's all you need to know about how great Fashion Week was. Though I was minding my own business backstage and on the runway at TFCP in Downtown Brooklyn, I felt like I was a part of something pretty historical simply because I was breathing the same New York air, where this fight took place. Now I can say, "I was there for NYFW when this happened!" Sure I may not have been in the same vicinity, hotel, or borough for that matter. But who cares!? I was close enough to feel the BardiGang vs. Barbz drama in my soul. And boy, do I have some THANGS I wanna share and shed light on! From what were they thinking, to egging them on, to praying for better days, to thanking God for allowing a little drama into my life. Now that Power is over, I need my inner- gangsta energy to be fed. In the words of my fellow Bronx, thug-life princess (since shorty doesn't like to be referred to as Queen) , let's get it poppin!


News stations, Social Media, and the Press are plastering the Barbs and Bardi fued everywhere. Cardi's knot was trending within minutes of the altercation, social media qued the memes within 24 hours, and before you know it- every major radio station, talkshow, and network recieved word of the drama and began to alert fans and blast the public. Before I even begin to explain wtf happened between these two Femcees, if you still don't know que paso, I am flattered I am your primary dispensary of information, but you should really climb from underneath your rock now because it's everywhere!

Now that I've insulted you, let's dive in. On Friday night, the rappers got into a physical altercation at the Harper’s Bazaar ICONS party that left Cardi bruised (like a BIG AF KNOT) and ultimately escorted out of the party. The bash was part of the festivities for New York Fashion Week, where both bombshells were in attendance. The incident occurred in the balcony right above the red carpet. (Talk about James Bondy!!) In short, Cardi B approached Nicki Minaj after allegedly hearing rumors that Minaj was talking about Kulture, Cardi's newborn daughter with husband Offset. Like for reals? This went down over hearsay? Yes, but Cardi felt justified in her actions, because she lashed out for her cub, as any mother (which Minaj is not) would. Conscious: Is this really happening? JJAAAASSSSSS honey, and I am here for it! Where's the popcorn?....Or is this more like a *sips tea situation*? Either way, I'm entertained.



Perhaps we can all agree that this was a pretty dope moment in rap HERstory (Hahaha...see what I did there!?) simply because this does not happen everyday. How often do you hear about an altercation, much less an-almost catfight going down between two major key celebs? (And No, Love and Hip Hop, Basketball Wives, or another other reality TV show fights does not qualify, because Reality TV if definitely scripted and the complete opposite of "REAL") NEVER! From the gate, Cardi B has been true to herself by remaining an open book about her stripper-past, bloody moves lifestyle, and hoodrich upbringing in the Bronx. Constantly reminiscing and retelling her war-stories about fighting in the streets, in her music, lyrics, and media interviews. I think it's fair to say, we (BardiGang) are NOT shocked that our little Trap Selena kept it trill when she made the absurd yet ballsy move to step to Minaj, at a major event. I believe we (the masses that care about this HERstorical moment) are more so shocked that Cardi stayed true to her word that she "GETS IT POPPIN!", even after the fame. In an interview with Angie Martinez back in 2017, when asked what would she do if an industry person came for her or wrote a diss track about her, Cardi admittedly said, "I don't write diss tracks, I beat bitches up." As she smiled, chuckled and fooled us with her innocence on screen, she still meant what she said. She was content with her decision and quickly released a statement on Instagram explaining why she has no remorse. Spoken like a true emotional gangsta in a dress. Or in this case, lots of pink fur and red hair.

Team #Barbz

Nicki on the other hand, had other plans for Cardi. Sis played it ultra safe and classy, by standing behind her army of bodyguards and security to ensure she was out of harms way, as Cardi attempted to charge forward towards Minaj. While Cardi was busy trying to big a fight Minaj had no time or energy for, our vengeful Binderella was unsuccessful in accomplishing her mission. Cardi left Fashion Week without any shoes on (Because shorty busted that Dominican chancletazo move, I'll explain later), a ripped Dolce & Gabbana 'Bloody Moves' gown, and a knot on her fivehead-- courteousy of the Barbz security. Even with all of that, she still managed to exit yelling "Bitch, say some shit about my kids again, watch!" Meanwhile, the Barbz, played it safe, stayed in tact and did and said nothing except "I'm right here." Classy and scary move, but still well played. Did we really expect our Hip Hop Barbie to potentially damage her manicure and sweat out her make-up over an abrubt fight? I think not.

Personally, I woulda loved to see some hands. Not that I condone fighting, I just condone plot twists-- and let me tell ya, this was DEF THAT! Ain't nobody see an actual fight between two major rivals in Hip-Hop come to the surface since Pac and Smalls. (RIP Foreva) And of course, that's never the ending we want. But just a sprinkle of drama , a few wigs flying off, scratches, and bruises ain't never hurt nobody. (Well....idk, all of those things might actaully be a little painful, but it would have been fair. Cardi is from the Bx and Minaj is from Queens; that's a solid match-up!

Though Cardi admits the altercation stemmed from Minaj speaking ill of her child, many fans believe this has been a long day coming for Cardi to throw up those hands. Many believe the altercation between these two #GirlBosses sprung from the roots of their beef, which Nicki claims is the Motorsport song beef. Minaj confirms Cardi asked to switch her verse, for their Migos Double Feature on "Motorsport". However, the following Nicki lyrics did not rock too well with the Trap Selena: "If Cardi the QB, I'm Nick Lombardi." Though she obliged, the Barbs was not too happy about having to change her lyrics. And ever since then, it's been nothing but turmoil, drama, and sly commentary swinging back and forth between both artists. I'm talking throughout the course of a whole year! Between fans constantly comparing them and social media constantly tearing them further apart, we can definitely get a sense of competition and rivalry from both artists. I mean it's not OUR fault their vibes and styles being almost identical- very superficial, full of colorful wigs and ass shots, and generally just....hoodrich! The Barbs gives us more plastic Barbie vibes with hard lyrics while Bardi gives us more Gangsta Barbie vibes with even MORE Gangsta lyrics.

But the Barbz isn't just going to go down in HERstory (its growing on me at this point) as a pussy. Nooooo. She had a nice little recipe cooked up for the Bardi Gang on her new Monday night radio show on Apple Music, Queen Radio. When I tell you shorty straight up violated Cardi's whole career and existence, even I was feeling some type of way about Cardi after the fact. Mind you, I am a HUGE FAN and even knew of some of the stories of Cardi saying and commenting rude and nasty things about folk, that always raised concerns- but I always forgave her for it because I am a fan of her music, not so much her influence. In fact, I share similar sentiments for Minja, except I really don't like her arrogance and lack of soul. Essentially, I can be a fan of an artists music and still not be a fan of THEM. (If you don't get it, phone a friend.)

On Monday night, Nicki delivered an iconic show to her fans and listeners as she dissected major points ranging from her sentiments about the altercation and commotion to Cardi B's character. Because this is an uncensored, uncut, unscripted Nicki show, nothing was off limits. Nicki even made Funk Master Flex her bitch, for the sake of the show. I don't care what anyone says, she saw an opportunity to gang up on a rookie who tried to pull a fast one and she was smart to bring one of the most iconic Dj's of our time to her show to shed some light as well. Its's no secret Flex has been very open about his disapproval of Cardi's entry into the Hip-Hop game. Therefore, having Flex participate in the roast and Cardi funeral was definietly strategic. She totally sly insulted Flex and he just sat there and took it. It was rather comical and actaully a great episode, but Nicki ultimately just proved how conniving and manipulative she really is. I don't buy it for one second that her and the Funk Master are actally cool all of sudden. Too many hateful and angry undertones were used everyime she addressed him. That's not playing nice Nicki, but she knows that. Being a bitch has gotten her this far.

Nicki brought out all the receipts! Comments of Cardi mocking other people's children, video clips of Cardi's old rants where she justifies it being okay to come for people's kids if you come for her first. She even went as far as exposing Cardi of some violent acts where Cardi allegedly sent men to beat up 2 female strippers Offset had slept with. about a load. Nicki even went as far as giving her two cents on her thoughts of Cardi B:

"She has built her career off sympathy and payola."

- Nicki Minaj

***That was a dam shot, burn, slaughter, EVERYTHING! Somebody pull the plug...

....on Nicki's mic!***

Nicki's attempt to enlighten listeners and create a narrative that Cardi's behavior is detrimental to black culture however, was also well played. Though I would not consider Nicki the ideal candidate to speak on behalf of woman of color issues, she brought out great points that can turn any fan of color of Cardi's against her. She referenced Cardi B referring to black woman as roaches as a means to prove a point on racial slandering and division. Did she miss her mark? Depends on who you ask. I actually found it quite funny when she used the word "Mortified" to describe her sentiments about the said "fight" that made major headlines. She sounded like a victim, and she had every right to do so, because she was indeed terrorized. But what she fails to realize is, this was always coming for her, it's just Cardi had to set it off. For years this woman (Minaj) has been an industry bully and for once, someone actaully defended the most THUG-LIFE way possible.

Subject in Question:

What is a Dominican Chancletazo?

It all starts with a shoe.

So basically, its a talent and art that my people invented by converting footwear into reliable weapons of mass destruction. Consider it a DIY/ homemade bow and arrow, EXTENDED PUNCH, AND MACHINE GUN all in one.

If you can't reach em', launch a chancleta at eM'.

Trust, it works every-time!

Here's a brief tutorial...

Unfortunately however, though Cardi is a skilled shoe-thrower, her aim was just not on point that night, as she missed her "Barbie Dreams" target. **Maybe she shoulda re-watched herself on the Love and Hip-Hop Reunion and practiced her pitch.** Chancletazo launching is a sport, it requires practice ya know what I'm shayin!? *In my best Bardi impression.* Below is one of the most iconic Chacletazo moments in history! (See I can be normal too?) And who better than to throw a shoe to a woman worth Millions (who has never been touched since reaching stardom), than a skilled professional from the world of Reality Tv and social media. Our very own Bodak Yellow gangsta knows a thing or two about shoe throwing. Check this out!

Lets fantasize here for a moment...

What if that shoe DID hit the Barbz? Then what? Do you believe she would have acted violently and physically retaliated? Do you think she woulda cried? I mean...that sh*t definietly looks like it hurts. It's a pointy ass heavy for God's sake. What if she would have really injure her? Would our Bloody Moves mamacita have gone to jail? So many possibilites. But it's fair to say, the best thing that could have happened did-- NOTHING! As much as this would have made mt wittle inner-ratchet heart happy, there's no telling what could have came of this. I know one thing though- Cardi did not give one, two, or three fucks. She was out to get the Hip-Hop Barbie doll, (Though Nicki looks more like a Bratz doll) at all all costs. But I think there's a few things to consider about both sides here.

In #BardiGang's Defense....

1. Cardi B is still new to the game.

One may argue that when you reach a certyain level of success, you must act a certain way. But the reality here is that's not reality. It takes time to learn and adapt to such a lifestyle. I mean, she's only a year-in and look how much she has accompliahed in such a short run. We have to stop putting these ridicoulsy unrealistic expectations on celebrities just because they are of a different status. She's still learning decorum.

2. Cardi B is still just a regualr, degular, schmegular girl from The Bronx.

Ever heard the expression, "You can take the girl out the hood, but you can't take the hood out the girl?" Just marinate on that for sec. She has said it on multiple occasions, "I GETS IT POPPIN!" "I think people forget how I can get." Literally, in soooooo many interviews on urban radio. "Poppin" the way for all my non-gang affiliated or educated readers, is the official Blood-gang term for multiple things, depending on the context in which it's used. It can mean to fight, What's up?; What's going-on?; indicate the start of something; used as an adjective of approval or excitement- it literally has so many ways of being used. (If you ever heard "what's crackin"....same thing for Crip-gang.)

DISCLAIMER: do not join a gang after reading this.

3. Cardi B is about that life- it's in her lyrics!

Now you probably saying to yourself, "shorty has ghost-writers." Fair argument. BUTTTTTT....they still write about topics that are related to her lifestyle and character. Since her debut on Love and Hip Hop, we have been exposed to the SAME EXACT Cardi that started on Instagram; only now with veneers, a tear-drop marriage ring worth more than your life, and a baby. But none of those things change the loud, pull-up to your spot, tell-it-to-your face, no hose barred, open book that she is. Her entire brand and message revolves around her being true to herself and her fans, so this moment just proved to ALL OF US that she really means it. Does that mean its okay for her to act this way? Hmm...maybe not. But what she does get a pass for is proving herself to not only fans, but also her haters, that she means what she says and says what she means.

In the #Barbz Defense...

1. Nicki Minaj is too old to be fighting.

Where that reason may seem a little judgemental, let's all get out of our bag and just call a spade a spade. Nicki knew if Nicki fought back, she was gonna get clowned. Nicki has approx 10 years on Cardi and has 10+ years of excellence under her belt. Why would she ever risk her reputation to fight the new come-up artist SHE KNOWS people love and is charging the way right now?? Not only that, but Barbs KNOWS that the fans and media have been egging on this drama between them two for some time. Fighting her back would only prove what? That she's tough? Okay, perhaps. Then what? What happens when she's banned from events for such behavior? What happens when people begin to judge her for defending herself?

2. Nicki Minaj is a bully, she don't really fight.

While social media was busy comparing Nicki calling out Miley Cyrus in the 2015 VMAs to Cardi actually stepping to Nicki, this only proved what a bigger coward she is. First of all, (while we are calling spades here) what was Miley possibly going to do to Nicki? I mean really? We can all see this was a typical "tough" look for our Barbie Dreams superstar on national TV. The streets know that white girls don't really fight (unless you're Bhad Bhabie or a Jerry Springer guest who enjoys beating on the woman who birthed you) and we can also acknowledge that nothing was going to go down ON A MAIN STAGE! Like SIS, if you have time to embarrass and degrade yourself AS YOU ACCEPT AN AWARD on National Tv, then why not fight while no one was looking? I mean, the footage of this fight was so bogus, she coulda totally thrown them hands. It was a private area.

3. Nicki Minaj is threatended, fighting would only further prove that.

When you have been in the Number 1 spot for soooooo long and have had so much success over the years, competition does dawn on you. And yes, while there have been other female artist to come into the game before Cardi, none were an exact almost carbon-copy of Mianj, THAT ACTUALLY SUCCEEDED like Cardi is. Sure Minaj set the trends for this era, but she derived them from Lil Kim- who's a HIP HOP LEGEND! Let us NOT forget that. Whereas Nicki is Weezy, Kim is Biggie....need I say more? I could totally empathize with the Barbs, because her whole style is being juked. But quite frankly, she should know better. No one can ever be the "ONE AND ONLY"; everyone must have their time. If she would have thrown hands, she would have only further encouraged the narrative of their rivalry. Ultimately only proving to her fans she's "about that life", when really, she's not. The world would have made a mockery of her and then we'll be hearing slander about how childish Mianj was. Nah, this wasn't childish- this was Obama-ish. She took the high road and acted like a lady.


“I'm not one of these bitches in the strip club or on a reality show. "

-Nicki Minaj

THAT IS A VERY, VERY, VERY VALID ARGUMENT! WHY? Because as real as Cardi may be, that is the environment she comes from. It is NOT Nicki's job to stoop down to that level, even if it makes her look like a totally pussy. People will get over it. CARDI, YOU PLAYED YASELF, but at least we KNOW you mean the business! We will never doubt your word again! Your street cred just skyrocketed! (Writing as if she's actually going to read this...hey, I can dream right!?)

So Now what?

So what happens now? What type of sly questions will the media ask to ruffle feathers? What type of security measures is Minaj's team gonna take? Is Cardi going to be banned from certain events? Did Cardi just tarnish her reputation? What will Bardi do next time she sees Barbie? Will there be a round 2? Is this gonna end like Nicki vs. Remy? (I sure hope not, I LOVE Bardi, but Minaj is a lyrical Goddess. Though "No Frauds" sucked ass!) Is someone gonna press charges? Any restraining orders in the near future? Will they make-up madd phony like they did at the Met Gala? HA! Just glance at this picture. THERE'S SO MUCH FAKE LOVE! Cardi serving that face that says "Bitch, I really can't stand you, so Imma just fake hug you for this camera right quick." Minaj blowing kisses like, "Ahh, you poor baby, just watch your back as I give MY BACK to this camera!" I just don't want to miss not one second of this fued, because it's juicy right now!

Thanks for making it to the end. This completes my analysis of this befoolery. I am not sorry you read this instead of MY ACTUAL experience with the Fara Charles Project at New York Fashion Week with Sir LancJay. I just couldn't let this incident go by without saying (or typing) anything! Like I said, it's monumental that they even came CLOSE to a fight. Bring ya pupils back next week...maybe I'll give ya the story you're looking for! Muahahhaha!

This is #aFrankieTale....get a peek inside my head!

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