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A Frankie Tale

New York Fashion Week, Meet RED!

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! (Sure that's an appropriate way to start a Blog Post.) Do you know why I am so hype and excited (op, there's that word again)? Well for starters, if you don't....then clearly you are not an avid #aFrankieTale reader. But if you are, then you know that I am going back to the CITY OF BRIGHT LIGHTS, but this time FOR NEW YORK FASHION WEEK!!!! (Is my "ahhhhhh...." forgiven now?)

All my life( literally since I was like 3), I have played runway modeling and always pictured myself strutting my stuff down a catwalk. Though I have been casted for some pretty awesome fashion shows, nothing can top being casted for New York Fashion Week! As if the City of New York isn't tired of seeing me enough, I am coming back with a new mission.

Whats is New York Fashion Week?

For all my rookie fashionistas out there, allow me to define New York Fashion Week for ya, to put you in perspective. According to the easiest and allegedly the most unreliable source of information- Wikipedia, New York Fashion Week is a semi-annual event held in February and September of each year, that consist of a semi-annual series of events (typically lasting 7–9 days) where international fashion collectors and designers showcase their collections to buyers, the press, and the general public.

Flooded with celebrity's and dozens of meddling paparazzi, everything in New York Fashion week is heightened. The festivities surrounding New York Fashion Week consist of runway fashion shows, expos, and exhibits highlighting the latest in trends, high-end fashion and couture.

What is TFCP?

The Fara Charles Project (TFCP) started 3 years ago, when one aspiring stylist had big dreams of putting together her own fashion show production to draw attention to independent entrepreneurs in the fashion, modeling, and entertainment space. This aspiring stylist is known as Fara Charles, who has been in the fashion and modeling space for over 10 years and has even worked with celebrity clients both on and off camera. Her skill set- ranging from promotional services to hosting events to wardrobe styling, this #GIRLBOSS is definitely one to keep an eye out for, because she is touring the nation with this great initiative!

TFCP, with the collaboration of Models&Moguls has been to Miami, Hollywood, Fort Lauderdale, Atlanta and now this is her first ever stop in New York. But this is no average show, it's happening during Fashion Week honey! Headliner: TFCP meets NYFW in Brooklyn, New York- where founder and CEO Fara is originally from.

So what sets The Fara Charles Project apart from other fashion shows during Fashion Week? Well for starters, its a show who's main goal is to provide exposure to the indie market-- highlighting small business designers, make up artists, hairstylists, stylists, models, artists, and press. With a diverse roster of participants and collaborative partners ranging from Youtubers and Influencers with over 12k Social Media Followers to little-known start-ups and rookies, TFCP is dedicated to elevating brands, all while bringing attention to the world of fashion and design.

Just as diverse as the roster, you'll find that TFCP caters to a much fresher, younger demographic; with models as young as 16 to as seasoned (you know old people don't like it when you call them "old") as 40. Take the Samantha and Stephanie Diaz, better known as the "Diaz Twinz" for example, who are twin sisters in their Junior Year of High School walking in their first ever Fashion week shows- TFCP and Walk Fashion Now.

"It feels great pursing our modeling career as a duo. We do everything together and this way we have each other for support and for constructive criticism. We do know that maybe at some point an agency make like my style verses my sister's or vice versa, but that’s ok. We never get jealous. One win is enough for both of us. We both work hard to stay modeling together."

-The Diaz Twinz

Vanesa Lopez, mother of the Diaz Twinz and avid supporter of their dreams says, "This is an amazing opportunity for their modeling careers as well as great exposure for them, the twins have been modeling literally since diapers. I am definitely having a proud mommy moment with this experience."

TFCP never limits it's casting to models in just the surrounding area. With new-age technology known as Instagram and email, models are able to audition online by filling out a model interest application, submitting 2 head-shots and a short clip of their best model walk and pose. With so much interest and such high volume in casting submissions, designers; models; MUAs; hairstylists; press, and artists are flying in from all around the country for this unique opportunity. With representation from Virginia, Georgia, Texas, Florida, Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York natives, amongst more- one can certainly agree that these models knew this was an opportunity they could not turn down.

One model in particular, Virginia resident Najee Mickling, said he was so surprised when he was casted, he was lost for words. "How I found out about this is kinda funny. I’m actually also walking for Vanguard during Fashion week, and I went on their iNSTAGRAM page and saw an old ad for TFCP. It seemed interesting so I went online to do my research on her past shows, and I actually see she’s casting for Fashion week. I was thinking I’m not gonna get this; I’m already doing one show- what are the chance of me doing two? But let me just try and give it a shot. When I got Fara’s email that she wanted ME to walk for HER show, that was very….very….I can’t even explain the words! This is my FIRST EVER fashion show and my FIRST EVER fashion week!," as he reenacted his excitement for the news.

What is a good Fashion show without press and media to tell the masses about it? In fact, you’re tuned in to one of TFCP’s media outlets right now- by simply reading this #aFrankieTale blog. TFCP partners with local media influencers, bloggers, vloggers, photographers, videograpers, entertainment companies, and press, to spread the word of the event and do live media coverage from various parts of the event: from the red carpet to LIVE interaction with audience members.

But for the first-time ever, TFCP is having media backstage coverage, provided by SirlanceJayTalks and RedL!ghTv to give viewers an exxxclusive INSIDE-LOOK at all the backstage action. BTS photos are cools, but pictures don't capture the story, they simply capture a MOMENT IN the story, so we took it a step further! From reactions, to model testimonials, to designer interviews on their latest collections- we had it ALL COVERED! It's so exhilarating knowing we're about to be amongst the chaos of Fashion week from both on and off stage. "I want to know what goes through people's mind, when it comes to New York Fashion Week," said Sir Lance Jay. "Are you thinking about models, are you thinking about seeing celebrities, the latest trends for the season, are you thinking about fashion?," he continues as he compares the world-wide known event to Miami's Art Basel. (Read all about my FIRST ART BASEL experience HERE.)

Both SirLanceJay and I, as models and media, are about to experience two very distinct sides to fashion week: RUNWAY PRODUCTION & BEHIND THE SCENES. You can kinda say we are so excited for this, we have literally talked more over the phone this past week than we have casually talked over the phone in the past year. When asked "How does it feel being both a model and media for New York Fashion Week?" SirLanceJay had this to say:

"In this industry, the more knowledge you have, the more valuable you become. The fact that I am able to follow my passion and do interviews with make-up artists, designers, models, and

also have the skill set to be able to walk men's fashion, is very important to me. Anybody looking to do blogging, vlogging, modeling, whatever- just learn to do it the right way. That's how you have the most successful people, learn the trade and put your own little spin on it."

As if the chaotic nature of wardrobe changes and styling wasn't enough, imagine the pressures of producing fast-paced make-up beats (yes beats...somehow my generation really loves to make the most abusive, bizarre things sound cool and functional; but it means a full face of make-up) to add to the world of high fashion. I asked Karen, one of TFCP's Make-up Artists and Owner of Make-up Sincere, what is the most challenging task when creating looks for the runway? This is what she had to say:

"Dealing with the models and the designers. Some models know "how to be models" and are accepting of the designer's request, other models arrrreeee.....kindaaa.....NOT! I'm a people person, so I try to please. But as a make-up artist, what I need to learn and continue to practice is listening to the designer because the model is here for the designer- not the other way around."

-Karen, Celebrity MUA; CEO of MakeUp Sincere

Welp folks, you heard (or read) it here first. From supportive parents, to hearing from some of our male models, siblings on the runway, supportive parents, media, and make-up artists, #aFrankieTale ALWAYS has you covered. I cannot wait to share with you all next week how backstage at TFCP meets NYFW went! I can already see it now: male model packages in tight boxer briefs, nipples of all shapes and sizes, pissed off models who think their make-up looks horrid, happy designers excited to show-off their pieces, anxious backstage production team members losing their minds....just know I am ALL HERE FOR IT and will be keeping YOU in the know as things unfold. This is not my first rodeo with TFCP, so let's see how this one goes! Afterall, it is happening during THE BIGGEST WEEK IN FASHION! I cannot wait for the adventure to begin! Keep your eye out for more on REDL!ghTv Takes New York Fashion Week....the adventure is only about to BEGIN!

This is #aFrankieTale....get a peek inside my head!

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