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A Frankie Tale

The New Yorker PART II: "Who Lives in a Pineapple Under the Sea?" ...Hopefully me someday!

"Are ya ready kids? Eye-eye captain! " If you don't know what comes next, then you're either not a parent, was more of a Disney Channel kid, potentially didn't have cable, perhaps DID have cable- but had the cheaper; starter package which excludes Nickelodeon, or just couldn't find the appreciation for random yellow sponges that lived at the bottom of the ocean inside of pineapples. Psshh...your loss. Where else can you enjoy a satirical introduction of a pedophilic pirate, passive aggressively seeking affirmations from children, as they submissively partake in the culture of binge watching non-educational cartoons?

If you've come this far, and you were expecting to read an official Spongebob Squarepants Broadway review, then you are in the right place- at the wrong time! Bahahaha! *In my best Spongebob laugh* You didn't think I was going to tell you all about my amazing Times Square, New York Adventures and first-ever Broadway experience without first telling you why it is such a big deal in the first place right!? I sure hope not, this is a #aFrankieTale Blog! A blog all about the Tales of my life, and how they correlate to my everyday life in the Arts and Entertainment space. A peek inside my many adventures- as you take a journey through my head throughout my life experiences.

Growing up, I've always tried to find a niche, a market, an angle, a sense of individuality that only I can own. A way to stand out from the rest, but it just had to be one thing: OVER THE TOP! I was about 12 years old when I randomly decided to make Spongebob Squarepants my preteen icon. Truth is, this I idea I had to make a cartoon character be what separates me from the rest of the kids in Jr.High, was totally unoriginal. The idea was actually birthed after a thorough visit to my neighbor's house. She and I were good friends, and attended the same middle school. Now if you remember anything about your coming of age, you can probably recall home tours being a BIG deal. Especially when you come from a Caribbean household where you are taught never to enter one's house if their parents are not home.

I thought my own room was amazing- full of posters, picture collages made out of celebrity magazine image cutouts, and teddy bears everywhere. But I had no idea what awaited on the other side of my friend's bedroom door. As soon as she flung her door open, all I can see is Spongebob plastered in every inch of the room. Spongebob decor, figurines, toys, posters, clock, wallpaper, you name it! I was in awe. I mean I knew she was really obsessed with this cartoon, but not like this. Don't even get me started on her bathroom theme. Talk about bathroom goals! I didn't even know they made Spongebob bathroom decor; but it makes sense, he IS an underwater character.

I couldn't believe a cool "older girl" (I was 11...she was 13) could have so many childlike things and still be perceived as cool and hip. People actually found her obsession adorable, and that's when it hit me: '' I'm going to become obsessed with Spongebob because she's about to graduate!" As if I wasn't infatuated with Barbies, reality tv and boy bands enough, I knew I was too girly to sweat a cartoon character. But not Spongebob; he was the absolute most perfect symbol to embody all that I was.

I considered a few things that mirrored my traits: his free spirit, loyalty to loved ones, careless joy of living, loud-annoying laugh, crazy ideas, his alleged homosexual tendencies, big imagination, and most importantly- his positive vibes. (Till this day, he's the only guy I'd date that is allowed to flip burgers for a living.) I became immersed into Spongebob's entire world overnight. Though I totally loved the cartoon series, I was more in love with the "dea of Spongebob; his brand. What was most captivating, were finding traits I found in a fictitious cartoon character, that I found within myself.

Wherever I travel, Spongebob is right there with me!

I made it a point to ensure the world knew (and by world, of course I'm referring to my middle school, because what's more important than being liked by everyone at age 12?) there was a Spongebob FREAK on the scene. The gear came slowly at first, then just spiraled out of control with every new purchase. The older I got, the cooler my treasures and trinkets became. (I still own a badass Spongebob sleeping bag and Pillow Pet- judge your mama.) From watches, to dog tags, to backpacks and school supplies- I quickly went from Franchezka to "Mrs.Squarepants". Even my teachers were in on it. I vividly remember always writing about two very specific topics in my Language Arts class: mini skirts and Spongebob.

So why should you care all about these details? Because this 25-Year old crone took her GROWN ass to Broadway for THE FIRST watch Spongebob on Broadway! Never-mind all of the other many A-MAZING plays that have seen the Broadway stage, I was determined to see THIS ONE! My favorite childhood cartoon character has being brought to HUMAN form! There was no way I was missing that! You shoulda seen my reaction back in 2013, when I saw Spongebob LIVE (meaning a Mascot/Puppet-Man Costume) at Universal Studios. I was so in love! I might have been the only adult legitimately excited to take a picture with him. (Scroll up, that very first picture is just that!) ***I bet you scrolled up....So much cooler than a caption!!*

Come back next week as I close out the August "New Yorker" series with details all about

Spongebob on Broadway! From the set, to the cast, to the small- creative details, after reading this you're either going to wish you've seen watched the Musical yourself or buy the first plane ticket to New York City!

This is #aFrankieTale....get a peek inside my head!

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