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A Frankie Tale

Endless Summer- Trading Bathing Suites for Microphones

What's up guys...and gyals! I know it's been a while, but I am well and alive. Haha! In fact, I've been well, alive, blessed, humbled, excited, exhausted, sleepy, restless, happy, worried, excited, booked, busy, happy, grateful ,excited (okay, so you get that I've been excited right?) . I have been just going through all the motions of this lifestyle, or how my generation likes to call it "living my best life." (Great, fist "Yolo", now this?)

July was one heck of a crazy month, but it was crazy in all the best ways. I couldn't stop thanking God for all the amazing opportunities. From adversities to experiences; challenges to successes; pitfalls to adventures, my summer has been nothing short of amazing since May and July was the best way to top it off. Though, we're not done yet. There's still a whole August month that lies ahead that is ready to release. Thankfully, the brand has grown to a point where "my calendar" books out fast!" What a blessing!

I have never truly experienced the words behind "TEAM NO SLEEP" (Mainly because, naturally I don't sleep much.) like I have this summer. This past July, that was not the case- all I wanted to do was sleep.....until I'd wake up, then the only thing I want to do is stay awake and do more. I suppose that's the secret to an endless summer huh?

Though I failed my readers a month's worth of updates, clearly you can see why. My in between available dates became so scarce, I said "nope....we are not gonna kill ourselves Red." (if you don't give yourselves pep talks, get with it!) One of the toughest lessons I've had to learn is the importance of a healthy rest schedule. It's important to ease the mind, body, & soul if you have high activity day in and day out. But you see, the way my mind is setup- resting is for the lazy , bummed out, procrastination community. You can imagine all that goes through my mind when I sit at Red Zone (mi casa) just to watch a movie or turn on Netflix. It's a nonstop checklist of "Things to Do" for every event that suddenly begins to take over my brain. Did I post the flyer? Did I send out the invitations? What will I wear? (Soooooooo crucial!!!) How far is the event? Did I send such & such that invoice? Etc. In summary, I freak TF out, but all in good faith of being "responsible." You know that inner guilt you get, when you feel like you're not doing what you're "supposed to be", welp- imagine having that mindset every time you leisure or relax. Yikes! Conscious: "Take a chill pill Red!"

For this summer's adventure wrap-up, be sure to login every week and checkout new #aFrankieTale Blog posts every FRankie Fri-Yay for the inside scoop on all the behind the scenes action, throughout my summer tour. Of course no tour is complete without going out of town with a bang! This summer, I visited the great City & State of New York. Be sure to checkout "The New Yorker" series- which similar to the "The Californian" Series- where I'll be sharing all of my travel mishaps (because those always seem to make for great stories), my amazing stay at Yotel Hotel, reflections on hidden gems in New York City, & my RedL!ghTv offfical review on Spongebob on Broadway-- which if may add, was the best way to end the month of July and kickoff August! Fun fact: I watched my first Broadway musical, right before boarding my plane. Almost literally! It was my last activity before heading to the airport for my departure.

Also, this month lookout for more of Red Wordz poetry and photography. Seeing as though this month's Red Wordz bookings were primarily poetry-related, I'll be sharing snippets of my works with dope photos captured throughout the month. From slams, to features, to freestyle spits- this month, my inner-poet was really put into action and to share and release via the Redvolution, is all my heart desires. I've got so much to share! Catch ya next week!

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