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A Frankie Tale

The Californian PART II: "Why So Much Mystery?"


So as I am sitting in this flight (yes like in the plane), and all I can think about is my journey to this point. Plane rides are so pragmatic. Oh My God! How may times can I possibly go to sleep, wake back up, pee, play some games on my iPad, drink some get it. I’m losing it here. I just want to get there already. I just can’t keep still…and I still have like 2 hours to go. I’m so awake....that I’m even typing this right now! Lol.

So where is Frankie off to next huh? Where the hell am I going that I decided to make an entire vlog and blog campaign about this? Caliiiiii babyyyy!!! For little ole Florida, City-Girl me, this is a HUGE deal! This is my first time traveling to this part of the United States....EVER! Let alone Earthquake land! (And yes, I am kinda scared of one happening but I just don’t think about it.)

So I am on to do some big things, despite all the adversity I overcame in my entertainment career this year- leading up to this point. I guess the best way I can describe this big move is I just kept working hard at the dream, until it decided to pay off. And by move I mean like “moves” in my career. Ain’t nobody leaving sunny south Florida to risk being eaten alive by the ground because plate tectonics are at a wack. Florida is HOME….until further notice.

So because I’ve been consistent on IG, have a dopeass website (ju know…the one you’re on now!), and amazing followers that really support my grind- I got picked up by a Music Management Group to do some PR work as their new Publicist!!!

Ahhhhhh! Do you know how dope and freaking weird that is!? I didn’t even see this coming. Alls I knew was I wanted to work with three artists, and let me tell you... I was really selling myself! I wanted to show them what I can do and why their team needs me. I was so tired of constantly chasing other artists and brands that would finesse me into believing they would hire me to do the same. All talk; no action. But not these guys. These guys saw something in my passion, drive, and consistency. All because my IG was always LITT and my website is gorg!

Why so much mystery? “Who do you work for Red?” Who is so vested in your vision, that they flew you all the way across the country, all expenses paid? Say wash poppin to the new Publicist and head of Public Relations for 9Lyfe Management Group, a Broward-based music company representing various indie artist such as Born Stonerzzz, A$ia, & Stone just to name a few. They also produce and sound engineer beats for main stream artists such as Kodak Black and Gunplay.

It has been too long I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to go out of state and def go to California, and God finally said- “here you go babygirl. Enjoy!” I can’t believe my own social media fans were the ones that booked me and trusted in my vision too. But even within my own state of shock, I still have to remind myself this wasn’t just given to me. I have really been putting in this work and just never give myself enough credit.

Knowing I’m on my way to the other side of the U.S. to expand on my dream, is great momentum seeing as though I was booked the same way January of this year, in New York City for a single release listening party for 2 dope indie artist upstate- Julianys & Captain D-Mac. Even then, I was so shocked. Like, they want MY OPINION!? They are requesting MY presence? Ooo….surreal!

As I reflect on all I’m about to get into (well hypothetically….I’m still in the plane), I can’t believe I get to join artists on a trip to Cali for such a paramount moment in their music careers. My new client- The Born Stonerzzz, were booked in Cali for a 420 Mansion Party hosted by the one and only Compton Menace. It doesn’t get any more “straight outta Compton” than that!

I am just hours away from stepping on West Coast soil. An entirely foreign side of the world to me. I’ve only been to 7 states on the Southeast coast, and 2 countries. But NEVER that side of the U.S. with the “earlier time.” These are the humble beginnings every successful person thinks back to, when they reflect on their come up. I just hope the trip does not turn me down. (Ya know, when you get your hopes super UP and then it’s super WACK and you’re madd you were so hype!? Yeah, that CANNOT happen!) I told myself I was going to embrace every single moment of this trip and really try and get some dopeness done. What exactly is dopeness??? Anything and everything that contributes to positive memories. I came ready to turn up, reach the clouds, and share every bit of it with YOU! My Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook are all litt!!!! I’m getting madd love from supporters, followers, family, and friends. If they only knew SUPER LATE CHEKA (yep...that's me...on super Hispanic time) ALMOST FREAKING MISSED HER FLIGHT! Find out all the hurtles I jumped through in my next post!

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