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A Frankie Tale

The Misadventures of Art Baseling!!! Part Finale "I'm SUPANOVA!!!"

But Wait…there’s more! (But not really) It’s my third and final Art Baseling day and I decided to make it morning fun. Instead of traveling to far as hell Miami, I went to the NOVA Museum of Art located in Ft. Lauderdale instead. (Remember I said I’m frugal. Who was gonna waste all that gas? For what…when I can just go in my own [real] backyard!?) The museum was actually open during their regular business hours but featured new artists in the gallery, for the weekend festivities. NOVA did not have as much going on but I still embraced every inch of their museum however; turning it into my very own photo studio for a mini-photoshoot. (Laughing so hard as I type this) You shoulda really seen people’s faces, as I just served face for the camera as my friend took pictures. I must have looked so narcissistic, because it was def about me in these pictures. Like I was totally into the art, pero I don’t think that translated to spectators. Especially when you stand IN FRONT of the art work for a picture. Nut I’m a blogger….it’s what we do! I even found a work of art that reads “Red. Come on, how can I NOT pose for the camera next to that? Oh my….(gasping for air) I have N0 shame! NOVA Museum on day 3…. conquered!

Look, obviously my enthusiasm talking about these events is through the roof! If I told you about each artist, each individual exhibit, gallery, and all the installments I witnessed, I’d have to write you a book and you know I’m a hustler, so I’m gonna have to charge you to read it. So rather than give you such intimate details from my perspective of all the dopeness that took place over a four-day weekend, I encourage you to GO to Art Basel Miami next year, so you can tell me all about YOUR experience! Let’s exchange stories! I wanna hear all about it! Art Basel MIAMI 2018 is June 14-17! That’s my birthday weekend, so you already know it’s going to be a movie! Be sure to get your tickets early and create a roadmap of where you’re going…there is literally, LITERALLY so much to DO, SEE, & EXPLORE!

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