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A Frankie Tale



IT IS...

& the FIRST Welcome back to #aFrankieTale...where I give you a glimpse into my life via narrative! Haha! Last week I gave you some of my favorite looks that hit the runway. For today's tale, I bring you SOME MORE of my favorite looks!

I know I tricked you last week and you were ready for more, but like I said....I can't just give it all to you in one post. So let's see who else brought the HEAT?

It's winter in Atlanta and it's about 50 degrees outside. Total cuddle and bundle weather. UNTIL of course we had some beauties totally BODY the runway!

Here's some of the HOTTEST SUMMER SLAYS that hit the TFCP RUNWAY! Designed by Ayikloset.

Model: Jess

Now I have no idea what the hell those Asian letters mean, represent, nor signify (I surely hope the designer knows; you know how many people love Asian letters and don't even know it's meaning?) If you're thinking this may be biased because it's a Red Bathing suit, let me remind you that I am a fan of slayage and love when designs compliment the model as if it were their own personal wardrobe. (Plus, my favorite color is Pink, not red.) But let's be honest, Jess totally nailed this look! From the Gold Asian word accents, to the way this bathing suit totally flatters our models body, this was well put together. Oh, and the exotic, funky shades were a great asset!

Model: Kayla

This look just SCREAMS "Take me an Island!" The colors just jump right off her Brinze skin. Funny story about this one. So see how fierce, beautiful, and confident our model looks? Well, this is a great lesson in perception is keen. Kayla actually had a very quiet, laid back, behind the scenes type of attitude to her. She actually spent several minutes trying to nail this look in the bathroom mirror HOURS before the show. Which brings me to my story on a little moment we shared. WARNING...the following is TMI!

So my bladder kinda sucks, to the point where I absolutely cannot hold in anything AT ALL for like longer than like 5 minutes! When I have to go, I have to go! BUT, in the modeling world, you have to be patient, courteous, and cannot ask for too much....BUT I HAD TO GO! Tell me why I almost LITERALLY PEED MY PANTS waiting for Ms.Thang to get out of the bathroom. She musta literally been making love to herself in the mirror. All I could think was "STOP IT! You look great girl!" Thankfully I made it to the bathroom...and I used the last bit of toilet paper left! Hahaha....can you say the best luck EVERRRRR!!!????

Model: Jasmin

IG: @fentyjas_

HAVE we time warped into the future? Ahh...these glasses are simply EVERYTHING and that pose, oh...she knows what she's doing. If you notice, this bathing suit is actually a direct contrast to the very first one worn by Jess. The soft baby blue is like a breezy, blue sky on a hot, summer day. I love how this is just so flattering to her, too bad I have a big booty. ;-(

Model: Indigo Prodigy

IG: @indigoprodigymusic

Now this bathing suit slay had to be my favorite one of all! Its the perfect combination of 2 things that do not go together- FUR & a SWIMSUIT. Making it the PERFECT look! Tell me, who often do you wear a fancy coat to the beach or to the pool? Ha...probably NEVER! But not to worry, Fashion shows have zer0 rules and this was a totally win!

A little about our model....

SHE'S NOT EVEN A MODEL, MODEL. (My generation repeats stuff for emphasis) Now if you read that sentence and became deeply saddened or confused, that's the wrong reaction. Instead rather, you should be happy to know (well at least I hope) that Indigo is actually a recording artist. She has a flow and voice that will definitely quickly put her in a box with Lauryn Hill. Quite frankly, they even look alike. She totally left the audience wanting more and can definitely work a room and is a dire performer; with high energy performances, crowd interaction, and skilled dancing. Her personal style- bohemian meets urban chic. She was actually one of TFCP's FEATURED performing artist during an intermission break.


"It's really fun for me to be able to model and perform, or perform while models are walking, or even walk as other performers are performing. It's just fun to's all about unity and good vibes. "

Though her passion is music, Indigo is no stranger to the catwalk. She received professional training during her younger years, but was unable to pursue her endeavors due personal financial strain. (Those agencies can be expensive AF!) On the runway, she's fierce and confident; with high shoulders and a swift walk. On the mic, she is a powerhouse; her passion radiates through her music. But in person, she is the sweetest soul, always encouraging others and spreading good vibes.

"Since I was younger, walking was something that pulled me in...."

BUT WAIT....THERE's more!

Now this collection, I love, love, love! From the name, to the pieces, to the models in them! For as long as I've been rocking with The Fara Charles Project, I always look forward to this collection. I present to you my TOP 4 pics from

The Rarest Diamond!

Now who doesn't love a dope Hoodie Jacket!?

There were quite a few to choose from, seeing as though TFCP hasd many urban lines showcase this year. But these def made the cut! I mean who doesn't love to look at dope, weird art on clothers!? Look at the logo! Is that a crying eyeball!?

The following are my TOP 4 dope sweaters and jackets by:

WELP! That's a nutshell! Thanks for dropping by! Come back next week for more tales about my misadventures in the ATL! My story is never ending....because something ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS happens! Lol.

This is #aFrankieTale.....get a peek inside my head!
















These tales are about to get even juicy-ER this year!

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