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HAPPY NEW what they always say as the clock strikes 12! An old year leaves as a new one approaches. As the years go by, we get wiser, we experience different things, we meet new people, we see new places, and we learn new lessons, amongst other things. But with every step we take, we get closer to another goal, overcome a new obstacle, defeat a new adversity, break another rule, and gain a new experience. Lately, I've been feeling like the years are just going by sooooo fast, I don't have time to ever stop and think. I rarely get an opportunity to digest it all. Between being a full-time employee, social media influencer, blogger, vlogger, Host, poet, dancer, radio personality, and newly doggy-mommy- my life is constantly on go mode. When one thing stops, another picks up. When one activity is over, another takes precedent- so on and so forth. It's the cycle of life, the cycle that never ends.

These are my very sentiments of my 2018- a year full of experiences and adventures. 2018 for me started off on the right note- on a trip! I just knew that kicking off my year like this, was going to set the tone for the rest of the year! In January, I made my way to New York City where I was invited to attend a single release party for 2 very talented local artist from upstate New York and also attend a concert at the world famous SOB's along with 2 artist from Miami as their South Florida PR representation. (Talk about BOSS'ed up!?) Here I was simply showing artist love as a genuine fan from the local media, and it totally turned into an opportunity for my professional growth. It's moments like these that remind me I am doing something right.

Here are my TOP 5 Moments of 2018!

...In order of when they happend.

#1) 2018 also granted me my first trip to the West Coast. Read all about my misadventures in my Californian Series on #aFrankieTale Blog. The thought of being "Flewed Out" for following my dreams and doing what I love, still baffles me. I have to constantly pinch myself and question if this is real. Most of the relationships I have built this year to propel me forward, have all started as DMs on Instagram. I have to remind myself to trust the process, to believe in myself and NOT underestimate my accomplishments.

#2) This year, I also attended my first Broadway musical! Read all about my amazing underwater Fairytale Adventure to Spongebob Sqaurepants on Broadway on #aFrankieTale Blog! Because life is so short, I really do live by a bucket list of 111 things to do before I die. You can best believe that attending a Broadway musical is on that list. So to go and watch my ABSOLUTE favorite Cartoon of ALL TIME of the Broadway STAGE made this moment that much more meaningful. I was a little kid all over again!

#3) On the line of first experiences, another 2018 milestone was when I attended, walked, and worked as media in my first New York Fashion Week show. This moment was UNREAL! I still shock myself with every new experience! Who woulda thought little ole me would be strutting down the runway during New York Fashion Week like ever!? Definitely not me. The best part? I was able to go with my BEST FRIEND SirLanceJay and take it all in together. Read up on all the NYFW Backstage Mayhem on #aFrankieTale Blog.

#4) THIS ONE WAS SPECIAL...the moment I went to watch my baby Romeo LIVE in concert! Read up on how much I was FREAKING OUT on my Concert Virgin blog on #aFrankieTale. I would elaborate, but reading up on my thoughts from start to finish is much more worth it! Picture a heart attack mixed with a sense of adornment combined. That pretty much sums up my whole mood.

#5) Hands down is launching my blog! Which actually came first before this entire list of adventures. Since launching my blog, I have found new purpose. I found new inspirations and reasons to fall in love with writing again. Here I am able to share my stories in an open platform where I AM THE BOSS! I get to have full autonomy over my content, context, layout, and creative direction. I am able to pour a little bit of me into the world, work, and play all in one place. #aFrankieTale is a place where you get a sneak peak inside of my head...all while learning about the my misadventures and successes on the way!

So what's to come 2019???




NEW RedL!ghTv show!

NEW RED DANCE classes!

More IG LIVE stories!



As long as you tune in HERE, you will always be in the loop!

This is #aFrankieTale...get a peek inside my head!

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