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A Frankie Tale

New York Fashion Week Pt. IV: TFCP From the RUNWAY!

Hey there! It's the last post in the never-ending #aFrankieTale BLOG New York Fashion Week Series and we have covered it ALL honey:

My hype and excitement to be back in the BIG Apple; exclusive interviews from some of TFCP models, adolescent siblings on the runway, supportive parents in the crowd, media personnel, and make-up artists; an-inside look at the Barbs vs. BardiGangg showdown; and all about Red Wordz Poetry. #aFrankieTale ALWAYS has you covered. The pictures are IN! Today I welcome you to TFCP meets NYFW!

Welcome to the Runway!

Okay, so last week's post shed some light on how I was feeling before hitting the runway. Not only was I deemed with the task of opening the show poetically, but I was the last model to walk in the very first a whole 2-piece bathing suite. Now I'm not one to call myself fat or not love the skin that I am in, (I am really NOT that b!tch. **I HATE when skinny b!tches with dope bodies say stupid sh!t like, "Ugh...I'm so fat." Like really? STFU!) but I really was a little self-consciuos walking the runway in a bikini knowing I have little back rolls and schmedium love handles. BUT, my fellow models backstage and FARA, gave me all the encouragement I needed.

Because this was not my first TFCP, I was excited to see what new and fresh designers we were working with. Not only as a media Host (Duhhh.....Great Interviews for 500 please!), but as a model as well. It's always exciting to see what innovative and creative looks stylist and designers will create when working together. What makes this even more dynamic, is that TFCP brings together complete strangers from the across the country! Each participant however with a common goal: to run a successful runway fashion show.

TFCP showcases collections made by indie designers across the U.S. From casual name brands designing print tees and hoodies, to couture designers with gowns and suits for men. TFCP, captures a wide range of variety in not only it's designers, but it's models as well. As aforementioned in Blog Post 1 of the NYFW Series, TFCP never limits it's casting to just models and designers in the surrounding area. Audience members are able to experience a wide-range of cultures through the variety of styles that hit runway. Here are some of my thoughts anf favorites that hit the runway! Check out the designers, models, MUA's, and photographers on INSTAGRAM! Omg....there were so many FUN looks! Here goes nothing....or more like EVERYTHING!!!


Talk about a diverse roster! TFCP clearly strives to provide exposure opportunities to Models of Color of all shades, shapes, and sizes- from around the country.

The creativity ranges from people to styles and even hair trends. Check out sis Bantu knots and one of our male models serving masculine, fierce looks. This is what diversity looks like!

Now let's talk DENIM!

I'm SURE you've heard the saying "NEVER MIX DENIM WITH DENIM" before. Well...for this designer, she said she is not here for the fashion advice...she is defying the taboos and making fly fits ONLY! Check out this amazing collection BY @1STBOOK below.

Here's another tribute to Denim...

...done Sexy, by one of our fiercest and outspoken models- DaQuan. I love looks that mix 2 things that don't go and then they GO! Haha....lemme break it down. So you know how when you're a child and you're taught what articles of clothing go together and which don't? Well this is a prime example.

Growing up I was taught track suit pants are solely to be worn with their corresponding track suit jacket and NADA else. HERE, we see the mixture of DENIM and track pants....modernly referred to as joggers. (For the record, jogging is jogging and NOT running....who came up with this...ummm...and why? Track suits came first and sound more fly. But then again, I might just be biased because shorty used to run track.)

As for the no shirt wearing gimmick, it works for him! He has a show it off honey! Peep the small red accents on the jacket and cuffs.

Design By:



Here's another one of my absolute favorites! How often do you see culture and couture cross paths on the runway? Well, designer @RyanLamarreDesigns

definitely delivered and showed us how it's done!

If you look closely, our model- @Queen_LaChiefa is owning her look in a mini-dress made of traditional African cloth. Many know these patterns as Dashiki's, and they have become increasingly more popular ever since the "Woke" movement took off. But in fact, the origin of the material is actually Kente cloth. (Oh S#!t, look at me over here feeding ya'll some Kulcha! Come through grassroots education!)

The aesthetic gives us a great cross between modern, couture, and culture. The tulle lining detail creates a more hip- fairytale feel, paired with the burgundy combat high heel booties to make it a BAD-ASS look, this look just screams QUEEN, but not just any ole QUEEN- an AFRICAN-Queen...or Princess, whateva floats ya boat! She did that! (One time for the legs and thigh tattoo...Okuuurr!)

Wanna go for a Swim?

This Featured Designer (Honorable mention below...wayyyy below) piece rocked by my good friend (yes...I have friends that are models....yes they're FINE AS HELL...No I will NOT give you their numbers....YES you can date gonna have to figure that part out, I forgot my cupid wings, bow, and arrow in HEAVEN last night. Lmao.) @UnicornedPotatoe. (I have no idea why she calls heself that, but it's such a DOPEASS stagename!) This look was very soft, yet POW!

The drapey kimono adds just the right amount of drama and pizzazz while the swimsuit fits snug to our models body. Not only extenuating her curves, but also covering her body up enough to still feel sexy. Perfect swimsuit for a more conservative sex appeal, plus and curvy women, or mommies who just gave birth. Wanna cover up and still feel like a sexy Goddess? Then this LOOK is definitely for YOU boo boo!

Another DO IT FOR THE CULTURE moment by another designer, was this Coming to America inspired look. (Not to mention that black on black Tims with the swagg!?)

Well to me it was like Coming to America, that is NOT confirmed by the designer (Who's the Designer Red!? Sssshh.....) as the vision. BUTT...I mean, from the fur details, to the cane, and models tattoos to contrast, this look was totally FLAWLESS from head to toe. Looked worthy of being contrasted to one of the most iconic Black films of all time!


SN: If you don't know what "Coming to America" is,

here's a nice message for ya:

And now, for some Red Wordz....Poetry!

Poems for New York Fashion week!? *GASP!*

Why not? New York Fashion Week allowed me to not only interview models, but to connect with them as well as fellow creatives. I is an ideal opportunity meeting a chocolate model, that is worthy of serving as a canvas for artistic and poetic inspiration. His name is KDollaz, from Atlanta. His look and flashing Red jacket, that plays as a sweater, made me connect with the threads like...


I met KDollaz at TFCP ATL in 2k17. Talk about surprise! This was the fit I wore as the Poetry Feature for the show. Shut it down, like what!?

SN, Coat: 4va21

Raindrops drip,

gumdrops of your love.

A taste of your lips,

to quench my sips

of lust as I lust over...


Thoughts of you,

remind me of being 2-fold, 2 faces-

But oh the places I'll go and the things I will see.

The things I will admit-

to strip me-

of what's left,

to only realize I was right-

to write a piece

Inspired by my Kings.

Dripping in Red,

as the bloodline is the only thing that thins.

To be a Queen,

one must appreciate spectacles of beauty,

and demonstrate class and wisdom.

Lost was she-

who was mesmerized by his grin.

Weak was she-

who fell for his bow-

Yet never followed the arrows.

King was he,

who be-fooled her of joyous love.

((Red Jacket created by our Featured Designer!!!))

Here's a few other of favorites

Sooo....Let's DO something.....super, duper cool!



Use the Wordz below, to create a poem inspired by this look. Take into consideration the models appearance, the fabric, the aesthetic, the mood, the audience, our models glow and makeup, her get it! ANALYZE THE S#!T out of this ENTIRE look from Bantu to Boot.


1. Nude

2. Love

3. Fashion

4. POW!


6. Sister

7. Beauty

8. Luminous

9. Gloom

10. Darkness

Was that hard? Or was that easy? Schmedium maybe? The point is if you tried, YOU'RE COOL! A+! bUT IF YOU JUST SKIMMED RIGHT through that little poem excercise, then you're SUPER, DUPER BORING DUDE! Kick rocks and fetch them!

Now back to biz, let's do it again, but with this time with this very handsome male model- who is serving us innocence and papi-coolie vibes, all IN ONE BODY!


1. King

2. Black

3. Crystal

4. Rock

5. Fire

6. Eyes

7. Envy

8. Bliss

9. Forever

10. Sky

And now...for a Disney Tribute....

Have you ever seen a Black Cinderella??

(WELL....Brandy paying Cinderella does not count.

I meant live-in person. Don't try to be slick!)

MODEL: @OhhitsMo_

And now...for a Purple Rain Tribute....

This look right here, created and designed by Stitched and Stoned, gave us an inside look at a time-warped 70's feel dress, but still elegant and modern. The color of ROYAL PURPLE (yeah...because blue isn't really like ROYAL like Purple. Purple IS the color of Royalty, so who thought of ROYAL BLUE?) against model @exn_madeline, contrasts beautifully. The angle of this photograph is also exquisitely thought of. That old-school; disco vibe certainly resonates. And sis pose is PERFECTION!

Here's another Stitched and Stoned piece that left me thirsty for the summer. Being from SoFLo, maxi dresses are ideal for any occasion, on any day, at anytime, anywhere. You get it! Check out this beautiful multi striped maxi dress on our beautiful model Zanae, @urfave_brownskin.

FYI....for my guys....a MAXI DRESS IN NOT THE SAME AS A MAXI PAD! It just isn't...and I have no context as to the inspiration behind it's name.

Last piece....



Are you seeing DOUBLE???

......Nah! Here's the same PINK Tulle I was rockin, worn differently by a fellow TFCP model. I simply love the versatility of this piece!

Design by ShopBlvssom.

Welp, and that sums up just about all my favorites! Now I'm sure you wanna know...

....WHO WAS the #aFrankieTale BLOG


Shout-out to fellow 954 DESIGNER


for representing Broward County at TFCP meets NYFW! I show love...especially when it's from back home! His pieces were Featured throughout our Blog and he has so much more in store. Check Out some of his threads from his collection below!

Thanks for riding the NYFW wave with me! This concludes this series!

Till our next adventure AND tale to TELL!

This is #aFrankieTale, get a peek inside my head!

NYFW went!

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