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A Frankie Tale

"A Letter From Yours Truly"

Hello there! My name is Frankie and I welcome YOU to #aFrankieTale blog! My intentions with this new venture are simple- to entertain you via a word-based platform. Expect this blog to be everything but ordinary. Let’s call it extraordinary- because that is exactly what it’ll be. Just my thoughts on EVERYTHING that consumes my life, written of course—in a very bizarre manner! This is our Redvolution! So I invite YOU- on a ride with me, as we explore life, music, art, people, and places….together..with a few laughs! Follow #aFrankieTale hashtag on Instagram!

Okay…enough! I don’t want to be a walking billboard….because Lord knows I can be. Haha! I want you to know, that this blog is a no-filter, light, & fun collection of free-writes and journals of Frankie Red. Jaaassss honey! Wash Poppin!? I have been graced with so many opportunities to do amazing things, meet amazing people, travel to amazing places- and all in the name of the arts! Whether it’s music, visual art, dance, poetry, writing, or the world of radio- one thing we all have in common: is our love for creativity and entertainment. So…yeah. It’s just that simple…I feel like I have a DUTY to report all this amazing stuff! This is gonna be dope! Why is it gonna be dope? Because I’m letting you all in my head (Brace yourselves!) and who better to do that with, than your favorite freestyle Chika, a poet named Red.

So first thing's first, I am a highly educated young lady. However, this blog won't necessarily be written in that format nor context. In order for something to be #aFrankieTale, it has to be in my voice; how I would actually talk or say it- if this blog were a vlog. Consider this script reading.....yeah...script reading. That's a good comparison. My own lingo coupled with my intellectual nature, all in one blog. Cheaaa boy! But don’t worry, I won’t leave you out in the cold; you’ll get in on it! You just gotta be quickie on ya feet. Ya see, it’s happening right now and you prob didn’t even realize it. Sure, we can have intellectual conversations, discussions, and debacles- but we can also live a little and chill the f*ck out! Haha! It’s not that deep! (unless of course you think deep is good, then it’s super deep!) ** If you’re still unclear as to where I’m flowing, maybe this blog isn’t for you…*shrugs*. Nahh…just kidding. I’ll give you a chance. Allow me to share a little about myself, perhaps it’ll provide you some perspective of what lead me to this blog.

So why a blog? Don’t you vlog already? The answer to your [my] second question is,…yes I do! But more so socially. Someday, I’ll launch a YouTube Channel- who knows! The possibilities for an everlasting, adventurous future are endless! My theory is- why not dabble in a little bit of everything that makes my heart happy, before I die? I mean, we only have 1 life to live. (YOLO right?) Why I am choosing this path in writing is simple….it’s something I’ve always wanted to do! I went through the motions…kinda did some blogging, kinda didn’t, contributed to some blogs; but still had it in the back of my mind to someday launch my own. (Might even share some of my old college works witchall…hmmm…) I just made a weird vow to myself that I will become a blogger before the age of 25. And so here I am- blogging on my very own website and my bday is less than a month away! (What’s really goodie June babies!?) But oh well…I met my deadline. Everything is about timing. I am a true believer in as long as you’re spreading good vibes, things will always fall into place.

Speaking of which, allow me to give you a little guide to my “good vibes” writing style; as it pertains to my random-ness, Spanglish writing (pero = but) frequent (inner thoughts) interruptions, *sound effects*, and conscious talks. It’ll all make sense once you read it. The END. Oh what? You were expecting an actual little guide?? Lol…negative soldier! I just want to ensure you are forewarned— about what you’re about to get yourself into.

#aFrankieTale is where journalistic-style writing, meet’s narrative journaling. Consider it “Red Eye Vision”, (Oh my…I get those a lot in pictures…I must be a vampire. Muahaha…) because everything written will be told from my perspective, in MY VOICE!...well that's the goal at least: to write like I talk. (Ayy...Migos!) Get ready because I am very DRAMATIC! Pero I mean well, believe me. See…that! Right there! Expect lots and lots of those peros and (random insertions of things floating around in my nogin). Still confused? Man, just stop here why don’tcha!?

Oppss….you have no choice, because as Bugs Bunny would say, “And That’s All Folks.” This is the end. I’m just a bigg ass kidd- living in a little ass body, with something to say! There's not much to it. With the amount of talent I run into on a daily basis through my entertainment endeavors, I will be doing Earth a disservice- by not sharing. Living in South Florida, everyday is a new venture and there’s ALWAYS something to do! So don’t be alarmed if one week I’m writing about a mansion pool party and the next post I’m writing about a “Jazz in the Gardens” or “Rolling Loud” event. (If you don’t know what those are, Imma need you to pay us a visit to Miami.) I live where YOU vacation; let me be your tour guide!

I am just so ready to dive into the internet (Oooo…remember when Disney’s Doug [ yes…the cartoon] used to jump into his book? Welp, that’s what we’re doing folks!) and just WRITE and share my misadventures. The things I go through, really are worth sharing. Lol…my life is a never ending cycle of laughs and quirks.

There’s not much more that I want to say than, “tune in next week!” ( But what is the blogger version of ‘tuning in’ guys…seriously?) I am genuinely excited to be launching this new project and happy your pupils have made it this far! The world is such a dope little place, I just can’t wait to share it with you…through my lens! Some topics may or may not be serious, while others will just be reflections. But that’s the beauty of this blog….you’ll never know what the next entry will be about until it drops.

Before you go, I want to encourage you to share and exchange your experiences in my comments section. Though I have tons of stories of ventures and wonders to share; I want to know about YOURS too! I’m sure we’ll exchange a laugh or two in contrasting stories and experiences. I also encourage you to comment your thoughts, feelings, & opinions on whatevs as well. Did something stand out to you? Let me know! Let’s just freakin’ build! Let’s exchange! Wanna contribute a piece? Then schlide in my DM…lol. No really…Email me! Let’s talk- I always enjoy a good read.

For this next step on my journey, I just want you to kick back, take a breather, and enjoy my voice in your head. It doesn’t take much to be a ‘Kidd@’! Meet me RIGHT HERE every #FrankieFriday on WWW.Redvolution.Red! What is Frankie Friday? Oh nothing….just the hashtag campaign I came up with for my NEW BLOG POST drops! I cannot wait to invite you all into my crazy world of fun, laughter, and good vibes! Welcome to The ReDvolution! This is #aFrankieTale Blog, catch ya next week! *In my announcer voice.* Over and out.

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